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XM Crypto Review

XM Crypto is a CFD broker that offers crypto-monnaies trading. Crypto-monnaies are extremely volatile and are a very expensive form of trading. Moreover, they are not overseen by the European regulatory framework. Therefore, you should be cautious and choose your entity carefully.

XM offers a wide variety of products. The platform includes Crypto CFDs and CFDs on stocks and commodities. Traders can choose to use a Standard Account, Market Maker Account, or Direct Market Access. XM also offers Islamic accounts. In addition to offering a variety of products, XM also has good customer service. Several awards have been given to XM.

XM offers a free demo account. You can trade using a demo account as long as you like. However, when you start trading with real money, you will need to deposit at least $5 to open an account. If you want to withdraw more than $200, you will need to make a request to the company"s support. Generally, withdrawals are processed within less than 24 hours.

XM has been operating since 2009 and currently serves more than 2.5 million clients in 196 countries. It is one of the leading companies in the industry. XM"s trading platform is available in more than 1000 trading markets and 31 Crypto CFDs. Additionally, the company offers Islamic accounts, which allow traders to hedge their risks. Aside from cryptocurrencies, XM provides access to more than 55 currency pairs and a variety of other assets.

XM has received several reputable awards for its performance. These include the Best Trading Platform for Cryptocurrency CFDs award from Finance Magnates. XM is a well-established company with more than 300 professionals in more than 120 cities worldwide. Since its inception, XM has executed 1.4 billion transactions.

Crypto-monnaies are limited to a few coins, and the number of lots that can be traded is not very large. Traders should choose leverage wisely, as the risk involved in this type of trading increases with increased lot sizes. To start with, it is recommended to begin with nano lots. As a result, you will only lose a small portion of your investment. Eventually, you can move on to mini and micro lots.

XM"s minimum trade volume for the Standard Account is 0.1 lots. This means that you can only have 200 positions open at a time. For MT5, the trade volume is 0.1 lots, too.

XM allows traders to place limit and stop-loss orders on up to 50 lots. These orders are guaranteed, but the price may change between the moment that you place the order and when it is executed. When you place a market order, the company will execute the order at the first market price. Depending on the method of transaction, you can wait as many days as necessary to get the money.

XM has a wide range of products, so it is a good idea to explore their website and contact them. Also, don"t forget to check out the Special Reports page for in-depth articles.

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