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You do not know the foreign exchange simulation trading skills

When ente rebateforex Forex Rapid Rebateg the cashback forex exchange th ForexRapidRebate market, I believe that many friends know that in the beginning need to first use the demo rebateforexfee, the so-called simulation trading, is to create a realistic foreign exchange trading environment for newcomers, trading charts, indicators tools, orders, etc. and the real foreign exchange market synchronized connection, only rebateforexbroker account funds are virtual simulation trading, can help investors feel trading The atmosphere, familiar with the speculative foreign exchange process and order types Traders in the simulation, realistic trading environment, you need to deal with a variety of problems that may arise, you can accumulate trading experience, improve the psychological quality of investors in playing simulation trading, and then battle real trading, it will seem more calm, calm and steady, the results are naturally much stronger than reckless entry into the market For beginners, demo accounts can help them better master A variety of technical indicators, complete transaction records can allow investors to better understand the fire in and out of point selection, so as to quickly improve the trading skills of beginners, better understanding of the trading platform, improve their ability to manipulate foreign exchange demo trading novice need to know the five tips: a. Do not rush to learn a variety of analysis, that is not a day you will, why not quickly learn more about the site, in different sites to see more Other peoples analysis, make a good record, compare, use their own methods to do the right judgment questions, and then compare with your analysis, learning slowly progress Second, do not believe too much in your demo, that is not true, it is different in the real speculation in foreign exchange, your real position will encounter you can not imagine a lot of problems, psychological, network, the market you need to know that more than 70% of the people as smart as you in the actual investment Third, do not believe too much in your self-confidence, your goal must be developed and implemented, good stop-loss, stop-win you must develop your plan, or your chance of losing is far greater than the chance of winning Fourth, when the volatility of foreign exchange is too large, your chance to bounce back, under a good stop loss, rest assured that the entry, when the sky is not falling, the currency market is not straight up or down in the short term you must have the opportunity V If you cant find a way to rate your probability of investment, you shouldnt invest in gambling, though its just as risky.  

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