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How to Get Free SiriusXM Radio For a Month

SiriusXM offers hundreds of radio channels for listening on the go. If you"re interested in the premium streaming radio service, you can sign up for a free trial. It"s also possible to get a promo code that will give you free radio for a month.

Subscribers can opt to either have the radio delivered via satellite or through a smart speaker. Streaming services use a phone"s signal to deliver content, but some locations don"t have reliable signals. XM and SiriusXM have a strong presence on social media, and they announce new fun giveaways regularly. You can even win concert tickets through their social media accounts.

When you"re ready to subscribe to the satellite radio service, you can choose to either sign up for a free trial or an initial package. The free trial is great for tentative new subscribers who want to try out the service before committing to a monthly subscription. However, if you"re not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription.

You can choose from 130 commercial-free music channels, as well as sports and talk channels. During the first two months of your subscription, you"ll have access to a promotional channel that plays occasional songs. Another option is to create a customized channel guide that"s downloaded to your car. These channels are available in every genre. In addition, you can skip up to six songs per hour. This is a great deal for anyone who"s interested in ad-free music.

After you"ve signed up for your free trial, you"ll have to contact an XM representative to activate your subscription. Once you have a Radio ID, you"ll be able to download a custom channel guide to your car. Some packages come with discounts and promo codes, but these are usually limited to new subscribers.

SiriusXM"s prices vary depending on the vehicle you"re driving and the type of accessory you want. Prices do not include doc fees or taxes. Typically, the manufacturer suggests a retail price for the accessory, but these will vary from location to location. For example, an accessory cost $30 for a Honda, whereas the same accessory costs $99 for a Nissan. Similarly, the cost of an accessory for a Chevrolet will be different than the cost of an accessory for a Ford.

SiriusXM is the world"s leading provider of satellite radio. Whether you"re in the city or out in the country, Sirius will be there for you. Their lineup of music and radio stations is extensive, and their pricing is affordable. As a result, it"s one of the best options for long road trips.

XM offers ad-free music for all kinds of musical genres. They also offer a large variety of channels, with more than 425 channels. XM radios and receivers are typically installed in your car. Each unit has a 90-day free trial. Once the trial is over, your subscription will automatically renew and you"ll have to pay for it.

Whether you"re looking for an in-car radio subscription or a streaming service, you"ll find something that fits your needs at a price that won"t break the bank. The SiriusXM app can be downloaded for smartphones, and some models are compatible with smart speakers.

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