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To the newcomers to speculation

Forex Rapid Rebate saw in Hong Kong from the newspaper, cashback forex al rebateforexbroker from the TV to see a lot of money lost due to jumping off buildings, burning charcoal suicide, then always feel how these people so stupid, for a little money can rebateforexfee even the most precious life, but now can deeply appreciate their feelings when you lose a little money and does not hurt your bones, simulation of speculative investment, you will not have their feelings But if you lost all the money and even have debts to pay (to pay for the building, childrens schooling ...)  You can easily fear for your future life and choose to go to the end of the road before I made up rebateforex mind to cut off my position to keep the last money, th ForexRapidRebate thought also crossed my mind, I can not even believe that I would think so some things really have to experience to have a profound experience ah but dear friends, if you encounter such a situation, do not dare to face the reality, because the failure is not terrible, the terrible thing is that you stumble Will affect you around the people who care about you as long as there is a little responsibility, you should try hard to stand up, such experience will benefit you for life, because we are all still young, we have a hopeful tomorrow!  But (please allow me to use these two words), just have the courage to stand up is not enough have you ever thought about what causes such a result? Maybe you will say because I did not have a stop loss, I do not know technical analysis or this time my bad luck and so on and so forth, but when I think about it, I think the fundamental reason behind this problem is character, is my weakness of character so that such a result becomes a kind of inevitable Early in Shanghai when working (I arrived in Hong Kong only two years ago), as most of the retail investors, I do stocks always repeatedly lost, repeatedly lost, but I never really think about it properly. But I never really thought properly about the root cause, because there is no pain to the deepest so, when I started to do foreign exchange, still use my habit of doing stocks

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