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Thirteen trading tips for newcomers to foreign exchange speculation

What are the rules of rebateforex ForexRapidRebate trading? In foreign exchange trading, mastering certain foreign exchange trading rules cashback forex very necessary today foreign exchange pass website for you to reveal the rules of foreign exchange trading what a, rebateforexfee Forex Rapid Rebate go against the trend rebateforexbroker the river boat against the current, not into the retreat, effort is not good who dare to receive a hundred meters above the rolling down the boulder it? Second, do not borrow money, loans, speculation in foreign exchange - borrowing money, loans generate pressure, affecting your mindset and judgment three, do not buy unfamiliar foreign exchange species - Sun Tzu said: know your enemy, a hundred battles will not be dangerous four, do not try to find the pot of gold - no secret in the foreign exchange market, the key is risk control five, do not violate your discipline - speculation has discipline, profit is guaranteed discipline is not easy to develop, but easy to destroy, you will not and money to get over it! Six, do not try to fish for capital, level - speculation is not a race chase; foreign exchange market risk, enter the market must be careful; if the loss, you will face with a calm mind, and then the absolute discipline to engage in the next transaction seven, do not believe in the words of others - the child is your own, you know best; trading is your own, not someone elses, bury your head to do their own analysis of the foreign exchange market, according to the situation to decide Eight, do not follow the crowd, the clouds - the facts show that inside the foreign exchange market, the truth in the hands of a few, if you take the behavior of the crowd as a beacon of progress is often too late nine, do not have a plan - opportunity and luck is a twin, he will not always belong to you alone; the foreign exchange market is like a battlefield, opportunity and luck often favor those who come prepared ten, do not be afraid of Loss - fear of loss will be afraid of the head, can not be put; fear of loss will lose self-confidence; mature investors are good at learning from losses, summarize the profitability of the method eleven, do not frequently calculate your account has not yet settled the profit - keep in mind the saying: profitable money in the bag, you really have; people to you, people can take the same twelve, do not frequent trading - if you Calculate the commission paid because of frequent transactions, may be able to scare you a big jump thirteen, do not forget to rest - the body is the capital of the transaction, no body is like 1000000, if 1 down, the back of all gone 

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