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The old man fried foreign exchange never a shuttle reveal the foreign exchange market cash loan old brother jerk mouth life

quit gambl rebateforexfeeg bar perhaps indeed someone in serious quit gambling, but more Forex Rapid Rebate borrowed money cashback forex brother, or inquire how to jerk mouth old brother since there is a quit gambling bar, and cash loan, there is old brother north and south, everywhere there is the figure of old brother meet The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people in the marketplace, and they are also players in the foreign exchange gold market, but for them, there is never only one kind of operation: a shuttle so-called jerk mouth, in plain language is actually borrowing money but this borrowing money is rebateforexbroker to find friends and relatives, and not to find the bank to take the formal route, but to find the lending minutes, the amount of money and ForexRapidRebate, risk control is also poor cash loan amount. The higher, the longer the period, the more the old brothers like the big mouth foreign exchange old brother rebateforex high fast life and most quit gambling bar old brothers are different, foreign exchange old brothers awareness or different, small high is their representative with small high words, speculation in fact is not so complicated, simply do not have to see what technical aspects, also do not have to listen to what the fundamentals as long as the fate to the wealth to the 50-50 thing, is So simple small high earliest is a loyal player of A shares, but after a wave of stock market crash in 2015, from the fall of the gods to small stockholders small high began to think about whether it should be a different way of life by chance, he came into contact with margin trading although also had a look at futures, but the foreign exchange market greater leverage and all-weather trading more let small high fascinated, and, futures threshold is not bankrupt Warren Buffett small The high can afford to carry tens of thousands of dollars of stock market fortunately deposits of small high soon lost in the foreign exchange market platform teacher guidance fast in fast out into fast in fast loss, good in customer service little sister can still stabilize small high emotions, not to let him door trouble but the money is certainly meat bag hit the dog, there is no return the painful small high a ruthless, in addition to buy back a large pile of professional books, they also searched the Internet. Finally changed a platform, determined to rely on their own strength to turn around after all, small high is also in the A-share fumble a few years of old drivers but even if you are an old driver, no food in the hands will not be treated well in the sky, the new platform happens to allow credit card deposits small high a big wave, 5000 knife minutes to the account this time small high firm up a lot, a months time only lost 30% & hellip; … &hellip hellip; … a turn to the big day of foreign exchange investors non-farm payday long heard countless people rely on non-farm payday a turnaround small high treasure are pressed on the short dollar, short dollar against the yen, do more than the euro against the dollar, can engage on may be no fate it, small high of the reserve army in just 30 minutes and do the cannon fodder small high down, welcome new old brother so down the water This is the summary of small high on their own accustomed to 5 * 24 trading life, small high can not let go of their own financial legends, part-time jobs are not a choice money is gone, rice still have to eat how? The new comrades were warmly welcomed by the old brothers, although most of them did not know much about forex, but there are old brothers everywhere. The most important thing is that you can always appear at the most critical moment. In just a few days, Xiao Gaos account has more than 3,000 U.S. dollars two platforms of borrowing let Xiao Gao back again in front of the computer screen, although this time there are also hundreds more chopping interest in the quit gambling bar, in addition to the old brother, there are other colorful East East brother below the old brother has all kinds of dogs, cash loan collection is dog call, gambling sites are dog bank, loan broker is dog broker, sesame credit score is The actual dog shit score any dare to do with the old brother, want to earn the old brother money, are not worthy of being a person money will not be taken for free, due to the natural dog call to find, small high know this way in line with the good vision of borrowing have to pay back, and then borrow not difficult, small high also do not wait for what the non-farm payroll, directly look at a data on Duang down this time luck is not bad, did not do the reverse of the usual heart, fall into the bag it small high account from 3000 into a 3800 According to this momentum, it seems to take only a few months to get to the top of life Unfortunately, life is never so smooth Little high account peak stay at 4020, and then a beautiful diving curve appeared, announced the third foreign exchange business failure Little high and do not remember exactly how this time the burst position is caused by, roughly is a handful of shuttle into a long-term investment, to make up a few times On the hang of the worst people are still in, money out of the situation appeared in the small high no way, again returned to the old brothers team to it because the money owed last time to pay back, this time small high simply directly to the posting of a strong drug target 10 cash loan platform to go up others brush microblogging, small high on one App to try back and forth, can lend are not spared subsequent story is not much change, after all, small high is not a mystery The main character in the novel, there is no Mary Sue story in the lost years of rich father jerk mouth burst position again jerk mouth burst position again like a movie replay, every after a while to find a small high of course, each time you can jerk mouth smaller and smaller, can turn around the principal is also less and less, reverse fate is also more impossible small high is completely into the flight mode only when they have a need, the phone can be called in a month 30 days have 15 days to repay the day, not generally acceptable to the banks money back, on the credit also, the gang of seven days 14 days of bloodsucking small loans, stupid to pay them to hire a dog to call every day to scold me, still want me to pay back the money? Their own risk control sucks, good intention to let me pay back the money? Small high but also see through, after all, quit gambling bar in the old brothers also have their own group, but also a set of battle-hardened routine to their parents to change the cell phone number, and then tell them that someone looking for money from relatives is a fraudster, and then they ran to a small city in Guangdong has been used to too long, do not want to work, just think about borrowing a large amount of a time to pay back, the rest say, can drag a day is a day small high although so said, but in The companys main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Everyones eating face is also quite ugly, so generally very low profile a cash loan platform responsible for unapologetic said a survey data shows that more than a thousand cash loan platform was born in 2016, the size of the entire cash loan industry is about 600 to 10000 billion yuan, the potential market size of 4 to 5 trillion Goldman Sachs a report can also provide corroboration, in China, the P2P network loan loan The balance expanded more than 36 times in the three years of 20132016, with an average annual compound growth rate of 230% of the opportunity to go ashore? For foreign exchange, Xiao Gao did not have too many grudges some things are done to themselves, at any cost to their own can do to learn the art is not good, there are thieves bad luck, losing money is also no way even if not speculation speculation foreign exchange, there is no guarantee that will be attracted to cash loans, after all, that thing is too ubiquitous if the cash loan company fell, is not their own completely liberated? The small high countless times to think about this issue, although just think about it but people always have to have a dream, in case it is realized? The company has been successfully listed on the cash loan company Fun Store CEO Luo Mins thunderbolt response looks bold, but no one believes this routine they would rather believe in the Big Bang this possibility there? There is also really with the actions of regulators, the P2P industry what happened is likely to be staged again The latest news shows that the Shanghai Huangpu District Financial Office recently called a meeting of cash loan platforms under its jurisdiction to deliver the message of regulating cash loan business activities, including a strict ban on violent collection, and requires that all fees, interest and other comprehensive borrowing costs shall not exceed 36% of annual interest And at the same time, the CBRC 2017 The scope of legislative work "network small loans management guidance (tentative name)" has been in the internal consultation, but the issuance time is not known the document by the CBRC Department of Inclusive Finance, the Department of Regulations is responsible for the preparation of quit gambling bar, loan forum, credit card community, every day there are old brother to, but also every day there are old brother away old brother most of the crowd rebellion, more no friends old brother daily jerk small loans, payroll, in turn, also owed There is no old brother to introduce a job must include food and housing, can not be too remote usually not much expenses on two cigarettes, a month there is a 5000 / 6000 enough to eat plus interest on the line for a long time without work, so do not be too tired, double rest can not be less, our proletariat struggle for a hundred years for the 8-hour work system, can not let the capitalists bad rules can not always stay in the factory, and so when the The manager or something, always have to match a car, VW is the bottom line, it is better to have Audi BMW This is a small high recently posted in the gambling bar jianghu is still the same jianghu, but once people into the jianghu, it is not that person as long as the cash loan still exists, countless new small high will appear, the story of the old brothers will not end……

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