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The natural laws of the wave theory of forex technical analysis

Elliot Forex Rapid Rebate the rebateforexbroker (Elliot  Wave  Pr ForexRapidRebateciple)   rebateforex other technical analys rebateforexfee methods,  is a summary of past experience by the American Elliot founded the wave theory. The day from its birth in the market is quite controversial due to the complexity of wave theory, the method of counting cashback forex is benevolent, wisdom, subjectivity is very strong, even 10 people at the same time to count the same chart pattern, will also come up with 10 or even 20 different methods of counting waves, and all have a point, who can not convince who in this I want to emphasize the point that any method of counting waves there is no absolute The right and wrong, the key is to look at the results of the transaction (forex trading experience tips If you each count wave method is theoretically wrong, but are not contrary to the principles of trend trading method homeopathic trading, are able to complete the process of small losses and big profits, then I think you can adhere to your wave counting method, you are the actual wave theory trading master; On the contrary, too superstitious wave theory, excessive mechanical and dogmatic application of wave theory and ignore the real trading process, can not trade with the trend, will be punished by the market view of wave theory, investors can be divided into two categories: one is too superstitious, holding like a treasure, accept it all; the other is a total rejection of wave theory Wave theory, that wave theory is a fraudulent pseudo-science of the whole affirmative or negative views are not enough, because the wave theory from its birth has been nearly 70 years of history, there are still a considerable number of professional traders keen on his research, is still accepted by many investors and not eliminated, indicating that it has the advantages of other analytical tools can not be replaced, its usefulness is evident we should use scientific The development of views to view the wave theory, play its unique value and research and judgment efficacy, in the actual trading process to avoid the shortcomings, for my use of the natural laws of wave theory (1) the length of the third wave is usually the longest of the five waves, and never the shortest wave (2) in the 5 wave pattern, the fourth wave is usually not lower than the apex of the first wave if the fourth wave is a wedge adjustment is likely to be with the apex of the first wave Overlap (3) in 1, 3, 5 three waves, usually only one wave will appear to expand (that is, it can be subdivided into five small waves) (4) alternating principle: usually if the second wave is a simple adjustment, the fourth wave will be a complex adjustment; conversely, if the second wave is a complex adjustment, the fourth wave will be simple Please think about the correct way to count waves in Figure 200 according to the above laws of nature   Figure 201 is the method of counting waves that I noticed in the teaching process that many students are used to Figure 201 shows that the length of the third wave is smaller than the first wave and the fifth wave, which is against the natural law 1; the low point of the fourth wave is lower than the high point of the first wave, which is against the natural law 2 Obviously such a method of counting waves is not reasonable Figure 202 is according to the wave theory Natural law of wave counting method Some investors will question the above wave counting method, the second wave and the fourth wave are complex type adjustment, is not against the natural law 4 - alternating principle? Wave theory was originally translated from the original English version into Chinese, due to the difference in the frequencyadverb expressions and habits of the two languages, it is inevitable that after the translation into Chinese, some of the content of the original wave theory is somehow misinterpreted, for example, the English expression frequencyadverb: 100%-always, 70-80% For example, the English adverbs: 100%-always, 70-80%-usually, 50-60%-often, 20-30%-sometimes, are used in the original English version to express some of the laws of wave theory, while the Chinese translation uses So when there is inconsistency with the natural laws of wave theory, there is a special case, the problem should be analyzed specifically, not too superstitious and mechanical So, the second and fourth waves are complex or simple is very normal, but also often, and the probability of occurrence is nearly 50%, interested readers can do a Statistical analysis in the application of wave theory, whenever you look back at the graph that has gone, everyone can easily divide the structure of the 8 waves according to their respective views (regardless of right and wrong) but in the formation process, the division of its waves is not so easy price movements will continue to generate new insights into the structure of the waves, we are always constantly revising the judgment of the structure of the previous waves Therefore, if we want to apply wave theory successfully, we have to develop the mentality of constantly updating our knowledge and flexible judgment, not to be dogmatic and stubborn, regardless of whether the wave count is right or wrong, what we care about is whether it can bring us profit. 201 in which you are accustomed to counting the waves you are counting wrong every day, while you are increasing your wealth every day, and anyone is willing to do so, even if no one is hailing you as an expert in wave theory

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