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The lock position in the foreign exchange trading you really use the right

The community always has so many k rebateforexbrokerds of ultra-high-end operation, one of them Forex Rapid Rebate called " cashback forex position" What do you mean by lock position? It is the assumption that the current do more, reverse the current price in the rebateforexfee to equal the previous ForexRapidRebate position, in the case of long single rebateforex close the position, join the short single to lock the position in the market to ensure that the current profit range price is not subject to changes in the market fluctuations Please note that the values mentioned above is the correct "lock" meaning of the market almost The vast majority of people ...... use the wrong! They are in the single loss, in order to "prevent" the loss of further expansion, brainlessly join the short single, lock the ............ floating loss! This is absolutely brain-dead practice! There is no one!!! Many people justifiably say, if I single loss, although the market price is falling, but I can cancel the short single in the market "inflection point", which can reduce the single in the down market loss problem is! Who knows where the markets inflection point is? The first thing you need to do is to stop loss, there is no other more sensible choice all lock loss position traders, are not to admit their mistakes, not to correct the extreme counter-examples of the market, we must not be tainted with the worst trading habits in the market below I talk about the correct method and significance of locking positions if the current price trend up, and your trading single just in time for the wave of the market in the If the current price trend is rising and your trading orders happen to catch the wave of the market in the process of the long single signal is not over, the short single signal is not open you happen to suddenly have an emergency, or have to leave the plate for 5 or 6 hours to take care of then the best way to spend this time is to lock the floating profit, in order to prevent a sudden reversal of the market, and you are not around the situation then if the market continues to rise, not lock the position is not better? In fact, yes (learn forex forex trader but who does not have a time to catch a plane? If you can turn on 4g signal manipulation on the plane, it really is the next to lose! Here again solemnly emphasize once more! Locked position is not to lock the floating loss waiting for the market inflection point so brain-damaged behavior and exist! Locked position is to prevent unexpected conditions seriously affect the existence of the floating profit!

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