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The laws and characteristics of foreign exchange trading time

The most obvious po rebateforexfeet that d rebateforexbrokertinguishes the foreign exchange Forex Rapid Rebate from other trading markets is the continuity in cashback forex rebateforex space without constraints In other words, the foreign exchange market is a 24-hour market that does not stop, the main fluctuations and trading time in New Zealand on Monday to go to work to Friday after work in Chicago, the United States weekend in the Middle East also has a small number of foreign exchange transactions exist, but can be basically negligible Belong to the normal interbank exchange, not the usual speculative behavior so in summary the foreign exchange market is a non-stop continuous trading market there is a market can be traded this is a well-known thing, but is not the same as can trade we have to trade, in the whole day 24 hours in the foreign exchange market each trading session has its own laws and characteristics, so we just need to understand his laws in the appropriate The market is generally extremely light in the morning 5 - 14 ForexRapidRebate this is mainly due to the Asian market driving force is small, the general oscillation range within 30 points, there is no obvious direction mostly for the adjustment and retracement of the market and often even the opposite of the days trend this section of the market because most of the direction can be said, margin traders can In the morning around 6 - 8 points to observe, if the market for the up and down wave oscillation pattern, you can do 5 - 15 points in the market oscillation to the two ends of the operation, only set a stop-win not set a stop-loss, if to 11 points after still can not make money out of the timely closing stop-loss this practice is called 5 points method (I personally think this time as far as possible not to do a single, give up small opportunities, research and judgment to grasp the big opportunities in the foreign exchange market opportunities Many, need to have the patience to wait) noon 14 - 18 points for the European morning market, 15 points after the general market after the start of trading in Europe, the funds will increase the foreign exchange market is a money market, so the large amount of money will set off big fluctuations in the market and this period will also be accompanied by some of the European currency influential data published general oscillation range in 40 - 80 points or so this This period will generally start after 15:30 real market, the market will generally be accompanied by divergence and breakthroughs and other technical indicators, so it is a relatively good opportunity to catch 18 - 20 pm for the European noon break and the morning of the American market, more light, is waiting for the United States to start the eve of 20 - 24 pm for the afternoon session of the European market and the morning session of the American market, this period is the market The most volatile time, but also the most amount of money and the number of participants in general for more than 80 points of the market this time is completely in accordance with the direction of todays action, so judge the market should follow the trend, it can be the same direction as Europe, but also with Europe is the opposite direction, in short, should be consistent with the trend 24 points to early morning, the afternoon session for the United States, generally at this time has come out of the larger market This period of time is mostly for the technical adjustment of the previous market In Chinas foreign exchange traders have other time zones can not be compared to the advantages of time, is to be able to seize the 15:00 to 24:00 between the two largest fluctuations in the time period let us all take advantage of it

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