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The law of judging trend shifts in foreign exchange

the law of judging rebateforexbroker shifts in foreign exchange technical analysis, we pay great attention to the analysis of rebateforex, but many times when we once involved in a market cashback forex is considered to be a clear trend, the market trend often changes a lot, so that investors are caught off guard The following are the laws of judging trend shifts introduced to investors: recognize the trend, first of all, to have discernment the view that both the opening Forex Rapid Rebate, the highest price, the lowest price, ForexRapidRebate even the closing price, are only a link in the long price movement rather than an end point, a price may be the end of a trend, but will not be the end of all trends, as long as the market exists, prices will always be mixed in the trend, constantly changing when a trend in the upward development, the sign is the highest price is rising, and leads to a rising minimum and closing price of the same time structure The rising maximum price indicates that the majority of traders (or a minority of traders holding large volumes) agree with the direction of price movement and are willing to buy this commodity (stock) at a higher price than the current one, and this tendency is continued until the trader considers the price too high and is not willing to continue pursuing it Secondly, we can make a proper division of trends The division of the trend into artificially rebateforexfee and complex trends, this distinction does not affect market changes, but simply makes it easier for us to judge the overall trend Simple trends include simple uptrends and simple downtrends Simple uptrends: consist of a series of adjacent or neighboring K-lines that have increasing maximum prices "neighboring "adjacent" means no more than two simple downtrends: consists of a series of adjacent or neighboring K-lines that have a decreasing minimum price, "adjacent" means no more than two complex trends also include complex uptrends and complex downtrends complex uptrends: consists of more than two inverse A complex uptrend consists of two or more inverse simple trends, where the length of the simple uptrend must be greater than the length of the adjacent simple downtrend that follows it; in the case of a trend with many inverse simple trends, each simple uptrend must be greater than the length of the simple downtrend that follows it. uptrend; if many inverse simple trends constitute the responsible trend, then the length of each simple downtrend must be greater than the simple uptrend behind her The above is the filtering law of trend change is actually a comprehensive application of a variety of technical patterns, the content described above is some generalized principles hope to help investors

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