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The K-line inside the dry, only the K-line, average and price will not deceive

rebateforexfee endless charm, Hui Shang Langya l rebateforext of small especially cool rebateforexbroker the dead of night, analysis of K-line peaks Forex Rapid Rebate valleys, a variety of entry and exit signals, analysis of the law as bathing in spring, marvel at the universe and chaos in the amazing laws K-line inside the dry, it is not only art, but also profoundly reveals the nature of things running & nbsp nbsp;In the eyes of traders, the knowledge and understanding of the K line varies compared to the Hui Shang Luang Pao Xiaobians fascination with the K line, many investors may disdain the K line and technical analysis in line with the principle of seeking common ground while preserving differences, we believe cashback forex there are some views available for consultation, today I took out everyone to discuss together In my eyes, the K line trend is a profound revelation and quantification of the nature of things from The change between the social development, to the stock ForexRapidRebate chart, to the national exchange rate, all in line with the cyclical law in the K-line chart amazing is that even the regular changes between the number of fans growing in the background of the Langya public WeChat number, also shows the trend of the typical K-line chart, the time pattern between the peaks and troughs and the tide of fan growth, as in the exchange rate K-line chart of time and price changes this makes people endless Associations, between everything in the end by what dominates, so as to produce a regular commonality After analyzing a large number of K-line chart actual cases at the macro level, we believe that the regularity of the commonality in the K-line is worthy of in-depth study For K-line, average and price, although there is a large number of random reversals, it seems that the regularity of the occurrence of the latter since, but put the cycle longer, we can in To a considerable extent to control the K-line chart of the spatio-temporal running interval This is also the Hui Shang Luang Pao Xiaoji often said, comprehensive K-line use of the great success, is to effectively distinguish the K-line trend because of what and why, the oscillation and trend is not a random occurrence, it has a clear target of attack and withdrawal K-line profound analysis, there are several points worth exploring First of all, we believe that the most important is the K-line In fact, this is the most difficult part of the analysis, in practice is not valued by people despite this, in the stock movements, in the daily and weekly level and above the foreign exchange rate K-line chart, the time period of the law is extremely rich there are special books and researchers, the time period of the K-line has made the elaboration in the Gann theory, Gann very much focus on the calculation of time Time period why The important thing is that it does not care how the price advantage, but with time, a single indicator, you can accurately analyze the bottom and top of the K-line know when the top and bottom occur, you do not have to care about how the price so we think that the importance of time in the K-line is better than price The second point is that the average and price average reflects the average price over a period of time, so the average and price we Then why the average line and independent of the price, analysis? In the connotation and extension of the average is very rich, because the average is combined with the average of the time period, it analyzes both price and time two of the most important latitude In all the analysis of time, price and average, we believe that the basis of technical analysis comes from mathematical logic, rather than conjecture and metaphysics We believe in the laws of the K-line, from the golden mean and Fibonacci. Endless laws originate from this, amazingly fascinating  domestic research in Fibonacci and K-line diagrams is still relatively weak, about channel lines, averages, support and resistance of important changes, all with Fibonacci occurred in an inseparable relationship We found that they may describe the fascinating world of K lines, but more precise relationships need to be further analyzed by researchers In any case, this can be used as K lines researcher as a direction to follow

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