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The girl speculated in foreign currency for three years to earn more than half a million

this year 21-year-old rebateforexbroker Xuey Forex Rapid Rebateg, is a finance student at a university in Beijing She grew up loving to collect ancient ForexRapidRebate 8 years old, Fan rebateforex found a rare gold wrong knife coin, after more than a decade, the coins of various countries in cashback forex mouth as familiar with foreign currency rebateforexfee the ability to identify, has exceeded many industry professionals! In August 2005, two of Fan Xueyings high school classmates were going to study in Australia, and they were going to exchange more Australian dollars at home Fan Xueyings advice to them was: "Why dont you exchange them for dollars first, and then exchange them for Australian dollars? The first day in early 2006, Fan Xueying, who was in her second year of college, came to the Panjiayuan yard sale "Taobao" and inadvertently found a relatively rare Spanish coin on the market in the conversation with the seller. In conversation with the seller, the coins were brought back from Spain by relatives of the other party, and China did not carry out the business of exchange of RMB and Spanish coins So, Fan Xueying easily bought a total of 500,000 yuan worth of Spanish coins back to the dormitory, students said she was crazy, because the money in China simply can not be exchanged, and Spain in 2002 on the euro, which is a piece of waste paper! During the winter break, Fan Xueying bought a discount ticket to Rome. She had her own opinion: "Because Spain is a member of the European Union, so as long as you go somewhere in Europe, you can convert Spanish currency into euros, and then back home to convert the euros into RMB. The success of the first gold mine in RMB gave her great confidence, but she also realized that she had to have the following conditions to be in this business - know politics, good English, familiar with the customs process, and know a little about the customs and customs of each country. In April 2007, Fan Xueying collected 100,000 yuan of North Korean coins and was ready to use her summer vacation to go to North Korea to exchange them, but she never expected that the two boxes of North Korean coins would be detained after half an hour because the customs officers could not figure out the real background of the coins, and the customs officers finally returned the two boxes to Fan Xueying. The same day, Fan Xueying all the 100,000 Korean coins into euros, back home and converted into yuan, so a "toss" will earn a satisfied In fact, speculation is a rather experienced study first to fill out a customs declaration, if not declared by the seizure is In addition, each country has different amounts of restrictions on different currencies out of the country, so you need to be familiar with the customs regulations of each country to be able to Fan Xueying engaged in activities that are defined by the international financial community as "making money on the exchange rate difference of international currencies" in the 13 years of coin collecting, she has been to 16 countries and regions, contact with the currencies of more than 110 countries. In her 13 years of collecting coins, she has been to 16 countries and regions, and has contacted the currencies of more than 110 countries, of which her own collection has reached as many as 82 kinds! "Currency not only represents wealth, but also represents the culture of each country," Fan Xueying said in three years, Fan Xueying has accumulated more than 500,000 yuan of wealth through speculation in foreign exchange Although Fan Xueying is still continuing her studies, she seems confident in finding a job in society.

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