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The end of the Forex trader! This article is toxic! Open with caution!

Rem rebateforexbrokerder: th rebateforexfee article has a blow to some friends engaged in foreign cashback forex trading, but is the biggest truth in this industry, so if you continue to have dreams about foreign exchange, please read this article with caution Forex Rapid Rebate ForexRapidRebate rebateforex shoot after reading it! The actual fact is that you will find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and youll be able to find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. This kind of pursuit in the foreign exchange above the stable profit to mix a mouthful of people the following to say your future stable profit time cost enough to you in any industry mixed with the wind and prosperity, part-time jobs do long have the opportunity to appreciate, do long know where the oil and water inside fishing how to fish stable profit is only enough to feed talk about the end of compounding windfall will occasionally have to go Shit luck temporary success and gamblers win money no difference, and finally no money will find a way to gamble, thinking that always win, and will fall deeper and deeper, towards the end of Livermore is the end of your investment industry a famous saying: this line is not short of myths, on the lack of live long if when you fail, midway choose to give up, your 3-5 years of time wasted, you want to find things in the financial industry think you have experience, then you start from the grassroots Do start, then more than 30 years old you more recent graduates competing with a base salary of 2500, I guess you have no face in looking for this line of work to change the line that you please start again from scratch, a few years of youth chaotic fee you stable profit, how do you say? Your principal of 50,000 this in the foreign exchange warehouse is very big, basically considered a dirt-cheap level of the warehouse then you stable profit according to 50% of the annual profit, but also only 150,000 yuan, do this 150,000 you do not eat and drink? By the end of the year to take out to squander? So in the big words, your stable profit by year counted 1 times a year, 50,000 U.S. dollars this, a year to earn 50,000 U.S. dollars is only 300,000, basically considered well-off subsistence level, then you touch your chest and ask yourself whether you have a year to earn 1 times the level? And you can not eat or drink in a year? When you are older, on the old and the young, 300,000 annual salary estimated that your wife also think you are not good, outside a large, you are still at home geeks no friends to take her out to play these are real words, you calculate yourself to know your father a year in your family expenses how much there are many friends say you can compound it I ask you you can not give living expenses home every month? You can not support the family married, then you can compound interest, continue to eat your parents, 50,000 U.S. dollars of principal, according to 50% a year to earn, then you are also 2100 U.S. dollars per month, more than 10,000 yuan it rent at least a few thousand, a minimum of a few thousand to live, outside expenses expenses wife and children to buy and sell things you talk about how to compound interest? Foreign exchange fluctuations are small, 1% is considered large fluctuations, so leverage must have, if the 5% risk exposure in accordance with the trading strategy, then you count down 50 points of stop loss to earn 120 points, such a profit and loss ratio is the general practice of traders is also equivalent to doing a stock stop, if you have been doing to achieve stable profits then you can talk about the planning of your trading career: stocks and futures domestic recognition, do well You can get private equity, your own relatives and friends have to do with stocks if you do a good job of family recognition you, invest some money you or to his account to you, share some into is casually talked about, in the case of doing your friends and relatives publicity can help you pull a large number of people over even if you do not do private equity, you have the skills and ability to your own allotment, do up than foreign exchange to be a lot cooler foreign exchange to get private equity almost no one wants, because every year The purchase of foreign exchange that 50,000 U.S. dollars is a headache is the thing (now canceled) laborious and capital security can not guarantee access to the gold is not convenient plus the domestic 07-11 years of this period of domestic foreign exchange fraud companies, a say you speculate in foreign exchange who is not scared out of their wits, if in 07-11 years this period touched this thing are washed by which fraudulent companies, not only people will not invest in you will also persuade you not to do According to the domestic investment environment, you futures do a good job stocks do a good job, there is really no shortage of people to recognize you including investment in your foreign exchange fluctuations small 1% is 100 dozens of points stocks 10% futures 4%, count down to earn not less than foreign exchange foreign exchange disadvantage is fluctuations in the current price of 1%, according to 1.3 of Europe and the United States, fluctuations of 1% 1.3 ± 130 points, and leverage large this more difficult to do such as to give you 1000 yuan, fluctuate 1 point you lose 100, he fluctuates 10 points per day in give you 1000 yuan every fluctuation a point you lose 10 yuan, he fluctuates 100 points per day you are willing to choose that? Here we come to a comprehensive analysis: it is clear that the results are the first small fluctuations, point value is high because of high leverage, count down and the second to earn the same money but random fluctuations 10 points you die, some students will say that the first into you can not run, with gambling the second is into my loss to see, I still have plenty of time to close the position, because 1 minute he only lost me so A few dollars right this is the difference between foreign exchange and stocks and futures you now know what you do foreign exchange is the end of it? If not, then you can stick to go on, I do not want to kill your dreams more think about the world behind it first do not think about stable profit and profit how much, you think about how much capital you can profit how much, you actually worst intention can profit how much in the combination of your future lifestyle and expenses it do not be defeated by the real world and escape think not to test human relations can face the computer on their own to make a fortune of course finally Still to say: the domestic platform is uneven, many foreign exchange platform type at home and abroad as long as they make more money they do not welcome you, here we recommend that you can open an account in 2-3 foreign exchange platform, take turns to do do a month stop two or three months here to discuss just to give you the fact that it is not recommended that newcomers start to do foreign exchange full-time, must have a regular job, and then foreign exchange can be used as a Interest slowly study, think suitable for this line, and also to be able to stand loneliness, control their own hands before coming to it think not suitable hurry to switch to the line is also a very good choice want to rely on their own funds a few thousand or 10,000 total capital winnings to live life is more difficult, no a few million dollars of principal you want to stabilize profits to maintain a living is impossible, in contrast, with this money to prove that they have In contrast, using this amount of money to prove that you have "stable profitability" to apply for a position as a trader is more reliable is not the proof of the old saying "its hard to start a business, its relatively easy to make a living working for a job"? 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