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The difference between foreign exchange investment and futures investment

  High liquidity instant cashback forex rebateforex Forex Rapid Rebate daily ForexRapidRebate volume of up to one point four trillion U.S. dollars, making the foreign exchange market has become the worlds largest, the highest capital liquidity of the financial market other financial markets rebateforexfee the size of the trading volume and the foreign exchange market compared, it seems much inferior if you use the daily trading volume of only three hundred memory U.S. dollars futures market do If you use the daily trading volume of only three hundred dollars futures market as an example, the degree of capital liquidity will have a clearer concept of the foreign exchange market rebateforexbroker always mobile, no matter when you can trade or stop loss 24 hours a day foreign exchange market is a 24-hour market, the U.S. Eastern time on Sunday at 5:00 p.m., foreign exchange transactions from Sydney, Australia, then 7:00 p.m. by the Japanese Tokyo opening, followed by 2:00 a.m. start of the British London, and finally It is eight oclock in the morning in New York, the United States for investors, regardless of when and where any news, investors can instantly respond to investors can also enter or exit the market time flexible planning relative to the U.S. foreign exchange futures market, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange or the Philadelphia Exchange, business hours have certain restrictions to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, business hours is the U.S. Eastern Time Therefore, if any important news from London or Tokyo is not announced during the business hours, the next days opening will become very confusing. Although nowadays there are electronic trading aids and restrictions to guarantee the transaction, the transaction of market orders is still quite unstable Forex dealers provide stable quotes and instant transactions, investors can use instant market quotes to transact, even when market conditions are the busiest and cannot be transacted In the futures market, the transaction price is Uncertainty is because all orders are placed through the centralized exchange to aggregate, so it limits the number of traders at the same price, the flow of funds and the total amount of transactions and foreign exchange dealers of each quote is executed, that is, as long as the investor is willing to deal! There is no such thing as a price but not a deal! All financial instruments have a bid and ask price, and the difference between the bid and ask price is defined as the spread, or the cost of the deal. Now, investors can judge the depth of the market and the true transaction costs by the bid and ask prices displayed on the online trading platform, and the spreads on forex trading are much lower than futures trading, especially after-hours trading, because futures investors are vulnerable to low liquidity and suffer great losses  

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