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The difference between foreign exchange gold and speculation

Many people with experience in speculation, gradually come to the rebateforex rebateforexbroker ForexRapidRebate market, or contact futures Th rebateforexfee is the natural logic of cashback forex Forex Rapid Rebate investment speculation and do foreign exchange, because the product characteristics are different, and presents a variety of differences today and we talk about the difference between speculation and speculation gold Difference one: speculation for the fundamental mastery of Chengdu requirements to be higher, do foreign exchange depends mainly on the technical side of speculation Need to watch the news broadcast, need to know astronomy, geography stocks and social, economic, cultural and other aspects of the most involved, a topic and restructuring, can make the stock price soar, which is to say the news, personal sensitivity Forex gold will not foreign exchange is 24-hour trading, a day of fluctuations back and forth has been a lot although there is also the impact of news, but all the same, while knowing that gold Most of them are day trading and short term trading, the market in the technical side of the traction, back and forth fluctuations very quickly Difference No. 2: stocks and foreign exchange trading rules are different, resulting in a wide range of trading results Chinese stocks are not leveraged trading varieties, trading mechanism for T + 1, the day to buy only the next day to sell stocks can only go up to make money, down only to admit losses, that is, set Foreign exchange is not the same with leverage properties The operation of the foreign exchange can be turned over in a few minutes, or serious losses as long as you use the right position in the case of leverage allows, the results of the account is very amazing Difference No. 3: between the stock and foreign exchange, the imaginable space is completely different in the foreign exchange market, between January and hundreds of times are possible, but in the field of stocks is impossible because the leverage gives people unlimited possibilities, which is the same as The role of a magnifying glass, it just depends on which side you stand to watch, and naturally it is also its fun!  Forex gold compared to other investment products, what are its advantages?  Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to investment, in investment products, there are many people prefer gold investment, because foreign exchange investment has its own advantages Advantage one: the ease of control of gold trading risk The first principle of any investment is to avoid risk, to preserve the principal You can set a stop loss price for each transaction according to the market and the degree of loss that can be accepted, when the price to your minimum stop price to close the position, to prevent damage to the principal Too much, that is to say, to prevent a large number of losses risk is easy to control, but no upper limit to earnings advantage two: the market environment is open and transparent relative to the stock market, although the foreign exchange market is not perfect, but can be said to be the cleanest, transparent investors do not have to work on the performance of each stock, there is no so-called "insider trading" Soros can learn To the information, ordinary investors can learn the same 20 trillion U.S. dollars of daily turnover in the currency market, so that any institution does not have the strength of the dealer Advantage 3: flexible time, see the price that deal, will not be set 24 hours a day trading, spare time from work can easily operate at any time to open positions, will not take up work, study time Advantage 4: short term fluctuations in the endless profit opportunities, because every day there are quotes, up and down fluctuations As long as you do the right thing, this is a gold mine Advantage 5: relatively high recognition, women and children know, basically no one does not know gold, every household will basically have more or less bought gold products, but no one dares to say that every family buy stocks, just gold online investment only a few years time, most people do not quite understand it

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