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The difference between foreign exchange experts and rookies see which you belong to

1: t cashback forex master never angry with the rebateforexbroker, he just read the market, to comply with the market, rebateforex the markets confidant rookie only know loudly cursing the market, he ForexRapidRebate to their own wishful thinking to plan the market, he looked at the market as a battlefield 2: the master never do not underst Forex Rapid Rebate their own trend, never force themselves to do a single, not a full grasp will not strike because it is a master, understand the trend more, so always make rebateforexfee. And rookies are always in a half-understanding the rush to enter, or even a little shadow on the rush to add to expand profits, and ultimately lose more than win 3: the master is not very concerned about how much money they make, he knows that making money is the inevitable result of the right behavior, he is concerned about the implementation of the technology, and get pleasure in the transaction rookie only want to make money, and is a short period of time to make a lot of money, his behavior erratic, full of contradictions, in the transaction Loss of money, filled with a sense of failure inside 4: masters never chase into a big move, often in the trend of the horizontal position to buy boldly or close positions decisively, because he knows that the direction of the majority of the direction after the crossover is along the original direction and the trend is not possible continuous march and rookies are often afraid of reversal after the crossover, always too early out of the entry also like to chase into, so often set 5: after a large profit, masters always carry away a large part of the cash, he knows that the market is unpredictable, cautiously engaged in, careful of the market repeatedly after substantial profits, rookies always deposit a large amount of money, that the market is in control, ready to do a big job, straight after Warren Buffett 6: masters never heavy positions, because he knows that market trends often have unexpected places for a long time, masters always make money and rookies are always anxious to get rich, heavy positions, although there are occasionally betting on time 7: masters are not greedy, follow the rules of the pyramid to increase the code regardless of the trend of good or bad, there are gains while rookies are eager to increase the code to expand positions, and eventually reversal, reverse victory for defeat 8: masters rarely stop loss, because the technical closing signal is always issued before the capital stop signal in and out smoothly while rookies frequent stop loss, because in order to expand the position artificially narrow the stop loss level, and ultimately can not resist the normal fluctuations 9 10: masters can unswervingly implement their own plans, and to their own transactions peace of mind, and regardless of whether the transaction is to make or lose the rookie plan, always unable to implement, and there are various reasons for the implementation of the plan and accompanied by money chagrin 10: masters make money, will not be complacent, lose money will not hang their heads, his mind is calm, peaceful rookie make money, smug, look, I defeated the market loss of money hanging their heads, internal indignation, damn, and was tricked

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