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The crazy double coke some people lost their homes and some people made 1 billion in two months

    Factory words Not all private equity are like Ge Weidong, able to s rebateforexll out 150 million rebateforexbroker one breath for investors to follow in th rebateforexfee wave of black unilateral rise in the market, some people make money The natural people lose money, so now we will share the story of a money-losing investors: "double coke" speculators sad Forex Rapid Rebate happy record of the commodity market madness continues, but Wu Jian (a pseudonym) had to quit As a post-85, Wu Jians original profession is graphic design this year, he was in the microblogging to " This year, he shared his cashback forex trading experience in real time in the name of "compound interest trader", and his outspoken personality attracted the attention of netizens. After experiencing countless positions and forced to close, now his account funds are less than 10,000 ForexRapidRebate debt-ridden, he is no longer interested in fighting Like the two sides of the coin, another group of speculators in the market to see the trend successfully made a lot of money, such as a private master in Ningbo in just two months from the "double coke" earned 1 billion yuan This is another wealth of the futures market The big move, the dominant player is the black commodities Mandarin Finance statistics show that since this year, the coking coal index rose nearly 150%, coke futures index rose as much as 190% and since September 14, with the effect of the policy of production capacity, coal futures out of a wave as a rocket-launched pull-up market, coking coal, coke main contract rose 54% and 60% respectively, of which, coke futures main contract in September 28 to October 26 The main contract of coke futures rose unilaterally between September 28th and October 26th, creating a record of 16 consecutive suns, even after the exchange continuously adjusted the handling fee. ...... six months lost 6 million after the 85 October 29, Wu Jian accepted a telephone interview with the SSE reporter he said to the reporter, his dream is "30 years old before must earn 5 million yuan" for this, he gave up this line, self-taught investment, and moved to The previous investment has been smooth, he was 30 years old before the accumulation of assets of nearly 20 million yuan However, like most stockholders, he did not escape last year to the beginning of this year, several stock market crashes after January this year, his assets shrunk significantly Accustomed to making "fast money" Wu Jian always think of a short period of time to make a comeback  In early April, he invested 1 million yuan in rebar futures at the price of 2,200 yuan/ton to short sell his position. After that, Wu Jian quickly switched to a crude oil spot trading platform to get his money back from crude oil who knew that crude oil also played a big joke on him, rising from more than $40 to more than $50, leaving his account funds less than 50,000 yuan Wu Jian was not willing to ask his parents for help, raising nearly $40 million in funds, after a short break to kill back to the futures market again at this time It was July, after a wave of short term operations, his account quickly grew to 900,000 yuan small profits, he wanted to quickly make up for the previous losses as soon as possible, so he began to trade full positions again He likes to find the most popular varieties: cotton, coke, glass, but often think they see the right actual but do the opposite, the time to carry did not carry, the time to withdraw did not withdraw, the account has been shrinking, the mentality has become more and more Bad And after nearly 2 months of tossing and turning, Wu Jians account funds and only more than 200,000 yuan, which is his entire capital he wanted to backwater, so he chose a live platform will charge for its trading process live in accordance with the agreement between him and the network, the network as long as you pay 800 yuan, you can see Wu Jians trading process, and Wu Jian in the first day of live (September 19) invested 230,000 yuan in a month later ( October 19) must be profitable, otherwise will be returned to the netizens this 800 yuan "open trading live, on the one hand, want to tell those futures small scattered to prevent risk, on the other hand, also want to make their own discipline, must not full position trading, must set a stop-loss point" He believes that under the supervision of netizens, he will be able to do well This time, he This time, he chose to short power coal, in the power coal 1701 contract 520 yuan / ton price to open a short position, the stop-loss level is set at 535 yuan / ton With the power coal futures all the way up, Wu Jian was forced to withdraw at about 548 yuan, the account funds only 150,000 yuan left At this time, from October 19, the network to test the results of his battle only a few trading days Although there is a voice inside him saying, look at the wrong, do not counter-trend trading, but Wu Jian felt he could not get off the stage He chose to let go again - with the last 150,000-plus full positions short power coal 1701 contract - he still wanted to gamble on luck The result was tragic Wu Jians account has been forced to close and close again When power coal rose to a high of 662 yuan per ton on Oct. 26, his account only had 10,000 yuan left. On the night of the 26th, the Zheng Institute of Commerce raised its trading fees and the power coal futures price was adjusted back, so Wu Jian avoided a blowout. When asked why he was so determined to be bearish, he said he remembered very clearly the lesson that rebar had taught him in the first half of the year: the Development and Reform Commission repeatedly issued policies, and the exchange also raised its trading margin and handling fees twice. After the rise in coal, the NDRC issued a policy and the exchange also raised the commission, but the price just didnt come down" Wu Jians words were full of helplessness Indeed, coal is not steel, coking coal and coke futures prices are still moving up, while Wu Jians 6 million yuan capital is never coming back. Looking back on this nightmarish experience, Wu Jian summed up six lessons: first, do not short strong varieties; second, do not repeatedly modify the stop-loss orders; third, do not rush into the market after the stop loss; fourth, light position is very important, wealth is slowly accumulated; fifth, the timing of the choice is critical; sixth, do not add positions at a loss He told reporters that he did not know enough about futures, thought he had a few million dollars on He said to the reporter that he didnt know enough about futures and thought he had a few million dollars and lacked the risk awareness he needed. He also believes that the ability to think independently and make judgments should be maintained during the trading process, and that he should never change his trading plan easily. I want to find a stable job, and then raise some money, and then next year to fight agricultural products (000061)" Private equity predators two months to earn 1 billion and Wu Jians experience is diametrically opposed to this years wave of the market, there are many people earn a vote "As far as I know, a private sector in Ningbo from the wave of coking coal coke big market start-up phase to participate in, the first wave up to do a lot, two waves of coking coal coke, the first wave of coking coal coke. The first wave of the rise did a lot, less than two months to earn 1 billion yuan, a month of fees alone up to more than 1 million yuan," said Chen Hao (a pseudonym), head of the futures department of a trading company in Shanghai, to the SSE reporter Chen Hao revealed that the size of this private sector has billions of dollars in the first wave of the coke market index from 600 points to 1090 points is their participation in the leverage In his opinion, "double coke" such a rise is unprecedented since the listing of futures, and even this earn 1 billion yuan of private equity institutions, its leverage is estimated to be 2 to 3 times. The private sector, even if this earned 1 billion yuan, its leverage is estimated to 2 to 3 times "futures will not use the full leverage with full leverage, a round of doubling the market 10 times are considered less of course, the loss is also very fast" said Chen Hao This is the biggest difference between Wu Jian as a novice and professional futures speculators: the former later realized that the full position trading can be called the most fatal damage, the most important The most important lesson is to control the position, do not be greedy, "the futures market is supposed to be leveraged trading, full position trading is like licking blood from the mouth of a knife" However, this earned 1 billion yuan of private equity in the later "double coke" a larger wave of the market but stopped "This play will certainly exceed the exchange position limit, become the target of regulation, so the later round of surge has nothing to do with them," said Chen Hao In his opinion, private funds dare to play this way is easy to be watched, and most people are scared to play by the high price, and finally a group of retail investors to " Wu Jian is undoubtedly a retailer in Chen Haos eyes. Li Qiang, director of the Xinhu Futures Research Institute, said in an interview with the SSE newspaper that the wave of "double coke" market cant be said to be irrational. At least the current "double coke" prices are still discounted to the spot price, rather than being driven away from the spot price by capital "In the futures market, the styles of various types of investors differ greatly, and investors perceptual and rational perceptions often appear to be divergent The most typical example is that many investors who are new to the industry, once they find that the market is not right, do not think calmly about whether their logic is right or wrong, but put their bets on luck," said Li Qiang. Perhaps it is because there are too many investors like Wu Jian that the risk control department of futures companies has been in a busy state in the past month. The risk control department of a futures company has been busy for the past month. "There are a lot of customers who have seen the wrong direction, have insufficient margin, and have been forced to close out their positions. But for a zero-sum game, as long as there are big ups and downs, there will always be more "Wu Jian" appearing, the only difference is the way to be "harvested" and the varieties involved... ...

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