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The characteristics of the foreign exchange market

cashback forex Forex Rapid Rebate transactions can be carried out rebateforex the exchange, can also be carried out in the over-the-counter rebateforexfee Therefore, there are two types of foreign exchange transactions: exchange transactions rebateforexbroker over-the-counter transactions  A, the characteristics of exchange transactions  exchange transactions refers to foreign exchange transactions are concentrated in the exchange, it has a fixed ForexRapidRebate venue such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy and other countries have foreign exchange Exchange, these foreign exchange transactions have a fixed business day and opening, closing time, foreign exchange trading participants in the daily business hours, concentrated in the exchange for trading because of the European continent countries use this way to organize foreign exchange transactions, so this way is also known as the continental system  Exchange trading is the traditional way of trading, in general, the exchange trading membership system, must apply for seats, after approval to become a member to trade; and members can not trade with off-exchange traders, such as to engage in trading, subject to the special foreign exchange broker  in the trading floor, the open outcry system (OpenOutcrySystem) is to use shouting and gestures to complete the transaction in the trading floor, the gesture is the traders tool for information exchange and trading when A trader sees the back of the other partys hand, indicating that the other party to buy; see the other partys palm, indicating that the other party to sell price with fingers and hand type with to indicate, the number and delivery date with hand type and facial expression with to indicate - but today, these traditional trading methods have been gradually replaced by electronic trading system  Second, the characteristics of the over-the-counter market  OTC trading refers to the Exchange outside of a variety of trading activities in general, also known as store trading or counter trading this organization without a fixed opening and closing time, no specific trading venues, the two sides of the transaction do not have to deal face to face, only by telex, telegraph, telephone and other communication equipment to contact each other and contact, negotiation to reach a deal Britain, the United States, Canada, Switzerland and other countries of the foreign exchange market are taking this counter market organization Therefore, this approach is also known as the British and American system its characteristics are three:   1, there is no market   Western industrial countries of the financial industry basically have two sets of systems, namely, centralized trading of the central operation and no unified place of business network stock trading is carried out through the exchange, and foreign exchange trading is often through no unified trading place of business network it is not like the stock exchange has centralized and unified location, however, the network of foreign exchange trading is global and forms a loose organization; the market is linked by the way we all agree and advanced information systems, brokers also do not have membership in any organization, but must gain the trust and recognition of the same industry  2, circular operation  due to the different geographical locations of the global financial centers, Asia Market, the European market, the American market because of the time difference, connected into a 24-hour continuous operation of the global foreign exchange market to New York time, 8:30 a.m. New York market open, 9:30 a.m. Chicago market open, 10:30 a.m. San Francisco market open, 18:30 a.m. Sydney market open, 19:30 a.m. Tokyo market open, 20:30 a.m. Hong Kong market, Singapore market open, 2:30 a.m. Frankfurt market open, 3:30 London market open so 24-hour non-stop operation, the foreign exchange market has become a day and night market, only Saturdays, Sundays and major holidays in various countries, the foreign exchange market will appear no one trading the nature of this continuous operation, so that investors can look for the best time to trade, and thus the foreign exchange market is a no time barriers and space barriers Market  3, zero-sum game  Zero-sum game (Zero-sumGame) is a concept of game theory, meaning that in the game on both sides, one side benefits necessarily means that the other side loses in the stock market, the price of a certain stock or the entire market index rose (down), then, the market value of a certain stock or the market value of the entire stock market will also rise (down) However, in the foreign exchange market, the change in the value of the exchange rate is not the same as the change in the value of the stock, because the exchange rate is the exchange ratio of the two currencies, and the change in the exchange rate is the decrease in the value of one currency and the increase in the value of another currency. This means that the value of the yen rose, while the value of the dollar fell, from the total value of the amount, the rise in gain is precisely the decline in the loss of the Therefore, foreign exchange trading is a zero-sum game  For the time being, the counter trading method has been the main form of organization of the foreign exchange market This is not only because the worlds two largest foreign exchange market (London foreign exchange market and the New York foreign exchange market) is organized in this way of operation, but also Because of the foreign exchange transactions itself has international reasons because of foreign exchange transactions of the participants from different countries, the transaction range is extremely wide, the transaction method is also increasingly complex, the cost of participating in the exchange transactions is obviously higher than the cost of transactions through modern communication facilities Therefore, even the European continent countries, most of its local foreign exchange transactions and all international trade is also carried out in the counter way and the exchange markets usually handle only a small percentage of local spot transactions

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