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The blood and tears of the foreign exchange market

rebateforexfee was rebateforexbroker contact with foreign exchange in 08, cashback forex foreign exchange road rebateforex a heartbreaking blood Forex Rapid Rebate tears course 08 August came to the South, because they are securities investment and management professional graduation, ready to find a professional counterpart work, began to contact understanding foreign exchange after several twists and turns in a company investment department to work, do ForexRapidRebate have to deposit, the companys domestic stock accounts shrink significantly, ready to develop international business market, that is, foreign exchange commodities my Professional and work experience let me be responsible for this piece, after a period of time familiar with the operating software and interface in that period of rough and choppy market, the average daily volatility of the euro 200 to 350 points, the pound 250 to 450 points, regardless of the single short single are making money, just like picking up money, the account quickly from 10,000 knife to more than 30,000 U.S. dollars, however, the end of October the pound demon market came, unilateral 600 points by convention is supposed to rebound, the results of the thousand-point market directly through the position account funds from 30,000 to 4,000, that night after work do not know how to go back, the next day the boss looked at the next did not say anything, and transferred 6,000 to the account over to make up for the 10,000 U.S. dollars I think the boss is compared to the domestic A-share account at the time, looking at the profitability of the foreign exchange market and encourage me, the responsibility is not mine. So the first time through the position without a deep lesson in the company to do because there is no incentive I opened a MT4 account to do, deposit not more than 500, to help the company to do when it is very smooth, and do not so smooth when they do, 500 U.S. dollars account to 1500 and then began all the way down, like all newcomers hope to make quick money, the fault of most people, frequent trading, eager to The more you lose, the more anxious you are, the more anxious you are, the more you lose, the more money you make, the more unstable the single take, the more money you lose, the more you carry, and the more you make mistakes, the more you raise the size, the more you lower the entry cost, the more the account explodes before you leave the company, the more you lose, and then you reflect on it, why? The amount of money is too small, the lack of risk tolerance, no systematic learning I was born in a scientific class, perhaps it is the birth of the problem, more paranoid but in school to learn things in practice really not much use after the blowout began to purposeful and targeted learning, hoping to learn to see through the K-line behind the things after the Spring Festival bought a new computer, but also do not work, in our county to find a room ready to start doing transactions The money is more, less, close to home this time to deposit 3000 U.S. dollars, the beginning of the map, how to buy how to sell all copy the book, but "paper to end up feeling shallow", buy the right, close the position is not ideal, did not earn much at the time the platform has rebates, thinking that even if the account does not earn much money, get some rebates is also good, began to brush single. The trading of the capital is getting less and less a loss of money can not stop, and began frequent trading, eager to turn over, heavy positions, bad mentality, finally 3000 U.S. dollars in the persistence of six months after hanging because there is no work, no source of income, account burst after the temporary lack of money to deposit this time former colleagues contacted me to let me go back, the wage package has improved in order to live, but also to be able to continue to learn in the market I went back to the company I used to work for, but back to the company trading did not go well, the account did not have obvious profit, has been half dead, they began to use the company account practice the theory of the book, with the actual battle to test the verification, began to build their own trading system, but too many indicators, the signal is too chaotic, strive for perfection instead of beauty, to the end of the account to earn money is basically only enough to pay my salary 09 years have passed, recuperate for a period of time After going to a relatives house in Chongqing to play, to the end of the acquaintance of a speculative stock, itself is to do with the motor match, also do steel business, there are thread and wire hedging needs, January 3000 profit commission 20% his home is a large house, food and accommodation are in his home, 100 days up and he did stocks and steel futures, the afternoon closing and he went to his factory, I have nothing to do that period of time the stock market is not very good, in my persuasion, he opened a foreign exchange account. He opened a foreign exchange account, deposit 10,000 knives for me to operate just that period of time in the box finishing, with the grid trading account net value drifted upward then he went to the factory every day to two days once, basically to the factory to turn a circle are back, expecting to use foreign exchange to earn back his money in the stock market due to the simple operation of MT4 to get started quickly, sometimes I rest when he also traded on his own, coincidentally, his father checked I want to go back to visit my father from home after more than a week to go back to the account is disastrous, there is a gain on the run, the loss is not admitted to lose dead carry, account net value from the beginning of 35000 into more than 4000, trading positions up to a loss of six or seven hundred points, for how to deal with no agreement to cut it, too painful, do not cut it margin balance is not much then watched in a weeks time account Net worth to zero after this lesson he realized that the market risk than the stock market futures market, again into the gold only into the 3000, and promised not to intervene in the decision-making account less money, risk resistance is poor, the beginning is not smooth, on the one hand, was interrupted to make money market rhythm, on the other hand, is worried about his fathers condition, more than two months to 4500, the contributor began to comply with the commitment but then missed A few times the larger market is always in the ear chanting, not winning the battle working under others to endure the pressure, the contributor compared two trading results, in the stock market futures market did not find the right opportunity when he opened another account to operate their own, heavy position fast run to also made some money, and then the pressure on me more, eat and live under the same roof, no more space for themselves, very depressing during the period to go back to visit once Father, I did not think it was goodbye June 10, my father left, I returned home overnight, long kneeling in front of my father, but my father did not look at me again after dealing with my fathers affairs I went back to quit my job, after settling down began to speculate full-time foreign exchange I know their ability is not enough full-time, but I really do not want to look at the face of my boss and colleagues between the hook into the gold 1500, with Bollinger bands plus averages and RSI supplemented by a triple filter, the most beginning to be able to operate strictly according to plan, but a few consecutive profits let me get carried away, human weaknesses exposed, gradually increase positions, and then heavy positions, the opportunity to exit as an opportunity to increase positions, 1500 to 2200 and then to 1000, a week off, secretly admonished themselves to overcome difficulties, overcome human weaknesses, greed and then all the way to a light position fast, not greedy But began to fear, afraid to make money, a money want to run, want to bag for peace how many times watching profits back, the market is often a few points away from my take profit level, back and forth to do elevator began to break the relaxation of trading discipline, and from 1800 to 1400. account continued to see no profit, life pressure becomes large, afraid to party with friends, can not go out with dating girlfriends, suffering from loss, high tension. Once in order to try to catch more quotes and opportunities, in the rental house for three consecutive days the computer has been open in front of the bed, hungry to eat noodles cookies, really sleepy eyes can not open in bed for a while, woke up cold water to wash the face continue to the computer themselves forced into a dead end, into a maze can not get out the more anxious the more likely to make mistakes, the more inefficient, the account is not profitable but gradually decline, and finally Two desperate counter-trend trading pushed themselves off the cliff again, and once again after the position was blown out of decadence and helplessness, full of self-blame, this time my friends gave a lot of material help and spiritual comfort, pay the most is my girlfriend, is also my current wife, her not much salary gave me the greatest touch, only 420 when they left 20 to me 400 in order not to be in decadence I went to the insurance company, inside the insurance company is a class of good spirit, the surface mentality of positive people, empty-eyed, super confident in that atmosphere I slowly out of the shadow of failure, even if I took the insurance agent qualification did not sell a policy in the insurance company when my agent found me, told me she jumped ship, the new company platform rebates compared to the original high because there are several years I told her that I wanted to continue to do it, but my stubbornness made her unable to convince me that I was ready to get married in March 2011. life. Because the trading capital is the wife this so I am more cautious, I do not want money and wife are gone perfect trading system, in the Bollinger band and Xue Si channel finally choose the Bollinger band, plus three EA constitute the main chart, the following with MACD, KDJ. in the time cycle with a triple filter to confirm, reduce the number of transactions, the use of moving stop loss to let profits run every day to do a good job of trading records, find a good reason to enter again, the daily trading The number of times and time control down, do not let the transaction disrupt their lives, make a little every day is good, a little less loss every day is good, reduce their expectations to maintain a good mindset than the technology is surprisingly more effective, the accumulation of less into more, 3000 account two months of time unknowingly to 5000 money did not give themselves any change, I think their own pay to get such a return is inevitable. The bitterness of the end in order to control their own hands, I stopped trading, in addition to trading I have a life, start classmates reunion as much time as possible to spend with his girlfriend, because I own almost run three, the wind and rain dating more than two years, I want to get married, I want to have a home, want to have someone to care about restraint I put down the transaction is the most relaxed, every day quietly read a book, listen to music sometimes to go to the park, quietly daze. A stay is a day, look at the old man playing Tai Chi, look at the old woman dancing with a sword, but also look at the people dancing dam, look at the flowers, look at the fish in the pond brain what not to think, the mind is flat, as the Buddhists say into the state of emptiness, a few days later feel that the body and mind are subjected to a baptism to see through, put down, comfortable and relaxed for more than ten days, and then re-entered the market to start a more stringent capital allocation and management, risk control is also strengthened, every day The number of losses or losses reached after the amount of determined not to do with strict discipline to control their own human weaknesses in the transaction, so the transaction is really much better, know how to stop to know how to accelerate, 5000 accounts at the end of the year became 18000, I think I found the key to the door of wealth in order to let the capital grow faster, my wife and I had a relatively simple wedding, even a little shabby, wedding photos I think about stopping my wifes time to 2012, soon after the wedding found his wife pregnant, which is something to celebrate, I took a part of the money out of the account, and then divided into two accounts, one for doing trend swing, the other to do intraday trading brush single, earn commissions, for the upcoming child to accumulate milk powder have a systematic trading profit situation is quite stable, each time a small amount out The system trading profit situation is quite stable, every time a small amount of money out is still timely, really do not know the greater risk in the brewing almost to the childs due date, intends to out 5000 indeed how to submit can not get out of my agent contact several times after contact can not be contacted, a check on the Internet only to know and was pitted Beijing Bona Hengtong and buried me, two accounts accumulated 36000, experienced a Huaxia incident I know this time to get money back to the basic impossible, or daily calls, the company After the account was hacked, I did not dare to let my wife know at all, every day in front of her forced smile, behind the scenes to find familiar people to borrow money, because the wife near the due date can not afford to wait countless times of self-blame and tears, perhaps unfortunate year, the wife production hemorrhage, the normal need only 5,000 I spent 13,000, raise borrowed 8,000 simply did not have enough, or in The money I took from my mother-in-law who came from my hometown to take care of my wife, my son was born prematurely after first pneumonia and then jaundice, forty days of the month back and forth in the hospital for 28 days, my mother-in-law brought out 10,000 is almost used up, but fortunately the end of the year, the month is full I took the wife and children back home for a straitened Spring Festival, the wife and children did not go out with me, stay in the old countryside I have no money As a father, as a husband, now urgently need to earn money, this is my responsibility I returned the house, all the investment-related things sealed in a suitcase, I want to earn money to support the family I heard that the construction site carpentry money fast, hundreds of dollars a day, I put down my dignity to learn from others, hold the mouse hand to hold the nail hammer, the palm of the hand are blood blisters, arm soreness, every morning at seven oclock dry to The second year after the Spring Festival, many sites started late I went to the power company to do the power foundation, for my family I went to the north, during which I have always put the dream of trading in the deepest part of my heart my story is basically like this, after After a civilian career my body and mind was baptized with a reverent heart, I am now back again to this market, nearly two years of time blank I need to learn again a lot of things before the learning has not met the changes in this market I will send what I think is useful one after another, to the later some modest help, but also please really high people to point out this market infinite, we should all be comrades The newcomers should identify the platform with their hearts and minds and make money or not is a problem, but you have to find the regular company to ensure the safety of your principal in the country there are a lot of people who sell MT4 server side, that is, 2 inverted dealer, what is MT4 server side? That is to say, with this server, you can open a foreign exchange margin platform, you can get a website to start doing foreign exchange margin business, and this thing 2 pour peddlers also sold not cheap, 10-15 million a full set, if you rent it seems to be a thousand a month! Find someone to do a decent website, the overhead is also a thousand to the top, and then start advertising, pulling agents and IB everywhere, in the country, as long as your commission to the tempting, there will be people with a conscience to work for you! Author: Shandi REX

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