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The basic use of Bollinger Bands

1, the use of logarithmic coordinates method John Murphy, Nissen rebateforexfee rebateforex other masters recommend the use of logarithmic coordinates, right-click in the CBN Forex 2.0 point to appear the main chart coordinates / logarithmic coordinates 2, do not ignore the opening rebateforexbroker 3, in general, the Bollinger Bands in the Forex Rapid Rebate represents the main market trend 4, when the market strong trend formed, the Bollinger Bands of the lower rail ForexRapidRebate appears to turn down, the market trend can Temporarily knotted 5, when the Bollinger line tighter and tighter, often means that the market trend personal view of the trend to a comprehensive RSI, KDJ judgment up, or down when you choose the indicator no obvious sell signal, but the price touches the cashback forex rail of the Bollinger Road, indicating that this is a continuing signal 6, w bottom identification: If the price of two bottoming out, not like the first bottoming out when breaking through the lower rail line, then even if the absolute number of new low prices are 7, head and shoulders top identification left shoulder upward, the strongest, the price is often beyond the Bollinger band, head upward, the price of new highs, and can reach the upper rail, but rarely more than the upper rail right shoulder upward, but it is powerless to touch the upper rail line 8, in the price of the uptrend period, the price of walking on the Bollinger line is the main feature: the price constantly touch the upper rail line, but also often upward breakthrough upper rail line Downward trend the same 9, when the market enters a horizontal consolidation state, Bollinger regular narrowing, the average line flattening when the Bollinger mouth more and more hours, at this time must look at other indicators comprehensive judgment, pay close attention to changes in the news, after all, the news always plays a role in the market catalyst personal view: the morning hourly chart on the rail for todays resistance level, the lower rail for the support level hourly chart Bollinger line up and down the rail is the many analysts The basis for the operation of the exchange rate commentary do not believe try!  10, when the Bollinger band at the end of the enlarged state is either consolidation, or reversal, and is unlikely to be a sustained state 11, the daily chart, if the price gradually moved up to the upper rail of the Bollinger line and walk on the upper rail, analysis of indicators at the same time echo turn strong, then, you can judge the uptrend is about to shape suit the downtrend the same 12, the top form is more complex than the bottom form, so the analysis of the top to have greater patience 13. It is recommended to use MACD with Bollinger bands to make the same 14, buy signal combination: the price constantly touches the upper rail and swing indicators for positive buy signal combination: the price constantly touches the lower rail and swing indicators for negative

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