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The basic tricks to make money speculating in foreign exchange

as walk rebateforexfeeg in the jianghu warrior must master some tricks, as well as mixed in the foreign exchange ForexRapidRebate, must also master some basic tricks, foreign exchange trading to make money the basic tricks are: trend, buy point, looking for the target, stop rebateforex stop loss &nb cashback forex; first trick: recognize the trend with the trend Forex Rapid Rebate any investment market to win the magic weapon trend is a medium to long-term concept, representing The direction of price changes over a longer period of time, including up, down, consolidation in three directions thus recognized the trend, the use of high throw low suction traditional operation method is very secure if you want to chase up and down against the market, must be based on short-term operations Second move: waiting to buy point forex trading can be used to achieve the golden mean method, trend line buying method and several other methods different methods are rebateforexbroker better or worse There is no difference between the advantages and disadvantages of different methods, only the suitability, whether it is convenient for investors to operate the difference Third move: looking for the target this can also be used to achieve the golden mean method, the target is only the target, may not reach, may also be over-complete deadlocked target is not desirable, the key is to achieve the target after the choice, is it to close the position or hold the position? This depends on the situation Fourth move: set a stop-win Why should I stop winning? Do this although it is a little difficult for investors with a strong boomer mentality, but in the unilateral potential, it is the only means to maximize your profits, if you do not use the stop-win approach, sudden changes in the market, you will pay a very high cost, or even lose a round of large market stop-win price determination, to move up (or down) with the price fluctuations constantly in the upward process of the previous days closing price as a reference again in the consolidation potential with less stop-win, should Active close positions Fifth move: the first time stop loss in the first time stop loss, is also a test of investors when the price fell to set the stop loss point, to stop loss in due course that stop loss level should be set according to which support level? How much stop-loss volume is generally appropriate? This is best to combine their own feelings and understanding of the market to set up a stop loss in medium and long-term trading, stop loss is not measured by how many points are appropriate, but by the importance of the support, for example, the price broke through the long-term uptrend line, broke through the 30-week, 60-week moving average proved to be effective in the long term, etc. In order to reduce losses, try to open positions near key support levels, for medium and long-term trading, 1% of Stop loss is not much  investors can not draw the future price changes in advance of the trajectory, only in accordance with historical data and certain methods to make predictions, but no matter how rigorous analysis and predictions are possible errors, so the right mindset must be established to maintain a good mindset quit greedy: keep their profits; avoid timid: bold to win at the same time, do not rashly change your mind pre-determined the day to enter the market Secondly, the uncertainty of the market does not enter when you do not feel the market, please give yourself a holiday, do not force yourself to enter the market again, the trend is not heavy price recognition of the trend, decisive strike, do not miss the opportunity to buy - sell for greed for a few small points, and whether these can be successfully implemented the key to self-discipline speculation forex introductory knowledge of forex trading, explain What is foreign exchange? What is forex trading? Beginners in foreign exchange and foreign exchange investment primer

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