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Speculation in foreign exchange need to pay attention to the five subtle rules

speculative stock speculation skills, rebateforexbrokervestors as long as the speculative skills to operate, there will be gains then speculation in foreign exchange also speculative principles, as long as the speculator to comply ForexRapidRebate the following five speculative principles, in the road to speculation in foreign exchange will be a lot smoother below I will share with you all which five principles principle one, based on the laws of trade to operate investors in strict accordance with the operating period Trading principles to operate, do rebateforexfee allow subjective thinking regardless of whether it rebateforex the field cashback forex or off-site trading, the reason is that the foreign exchange market is ever-changing, trading rules are successful people "kill a bloody road", has the highest reference trading value, so, must comply with the trading rules to operate; principle two, grasp the general direction is not counter-trend operation in As long as the general direction of the foreign exchange market remains unchanged, please be sure not to operate against the trend of some investors have a fluke, after operating against the trend of a small gain, but this is only a very small probability event, if investors comply with the principle, may lose the interests of the moment, but investment is a long-term event, if investors have been operating against the trend, then it must not reap the long-term benefits of "picking up sesame seeds, lose the watermelon" is its own. The "watermelon" is its true picture, so investors must not do such "stupid things" principle three, good management of funds investors must be kept in the operating account below 15% of the entry funds, whether it is a loss or profit investors can add funds, but the standard is still not more than 15% investors to comply with the principle will help you stay away from temptation when you win, in the loss can remain calm, to avoid the impulse to produce gambling psychology principle four, regardless of the results are good or bad only issued once a day trading orders many trading failures are caused by repeatedly issued trading orders, because this method of operation will disrupt the investors thoughts, easy to be emotionally swayed, not calm enough, which leads to constant mistakes, investment Failure principle five, firm stop-loss intention financial investors in the market have experienced the benefits and harm of stop-loss, so once investors set up a stop-loss point, they must adhere to, must not be confused by the surface of the market phenomenon, stop-loss is not timely, not firm, to the final loss of huge compliance with these five principles to help you speculate on foreign exchange success, here and we are done, I hope foreign exchange investors can comply with these principles, in Foreign exchange market investment smoothly

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