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Speculation in foreign exchange how to follow the market trend for trading

with the rebateforex, ForexRapidRebate the market changes and changes, do not presume to th Forex Rapid Rebatek that they are smarter than others, can achieve foresight, accurate prediction of future cashback forex changes price changes are composed of rising, falling, consolidation rebateforexfee, follow the market that is to follow the trend how to follow the market? First of all, the first recognize the current trend, a very important characteristic of the trend is inertia, that is, along the original direction to continue the movement, a trend formed to maintain the original direction of the movement of time than the time required for his turn, in other words, in a trend of all time, the inflection point accounted for the shortest time, as if we are more keen to predict and look for this inflection point, leaving aside the skills, from the probability On the prediction of a turn in the trend than the prediction of the trend will continue to be much less accurate to follow the market, Adams theory called the city rose to buy up, the city fell to buy down in fact, we all know the chase up to kill is an unsuccessful performance of this theory forex state  >    nbsp;Forex trading experience tips What are the tips? The key to its operation is: in a downtrend when the price rises, rise above what price level, we change our view, in what limit to continue to maintain the original view, in an uptrend when the price falls, in what limit to continue to maintain the original for more views fall above what price level, we change our view must first have a precise reference rebateforexbroker, for example, in an uptrend fall, fall below the Reference value can be considered before the uptrend is unchanged to follow the market operation of its skills all in the setting of this reference value reference value set too large, long and short views change more slowly, the response is more sluggish, easy to lose part of the profits have been obtained; reference value set too small, long and short views change more quickly, more responsive, in the high transaction rates of the market often frequent transactions, left and right not right My opinion: the reference value can be set loosely for medium-term funds, while the short term operation reference value must be very strict

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