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Recommended for forex traders must have a few financial calendar website

forex Forex Rapid Rebate rebateforexbroker ForexRapidRebate every trader must see every day, in which we can see the main financial cashback forex rebateforexfee related financial indicators, financial events including China, the United States, Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, etc. In which we can overview the worlds major financial events and meetings, do not miss the most important daily financial news The latest economic indicators and economic rebateforex, hold the pulse of the economy, see the financial trend, find business value, dig the most valuable investment reference Next to introduce some of the financial calendar website for forex traders collection, of course, there are some of them are familiar, here just to do a summary: 1, DailyFX financial calendar https://www. originally belonged to the news research website of the FFX Group, and later the website was sold to the online trader IG GroupDailyFX provides a financial calendar is one of the more professional and timely applications in the industry, the only drawback is that the sites server is abroad, the site is sometimes slow to open 2. Foreign exchange state financial calendar/calendar.html foreign exchange state financial calendar is a MT4 and MT5 software data to maintain synchronization and real-time updates of the financial calendar, providing countries with economic indicators, data expectations, non-farm data, real-time financial data, global financial events forecasts and central bank interest rate resolutions, is a foreign exchange investors to understand the foreign exchange market major news and data releases, the world Countries the latest financial developments preferred financial calendar website 3, ForexFactory Forex Factory financial calendar (Forex Factory) provides a professional financial Calendar tool, data updates in a timely manner, the content of professional unfortunately, currently only the English version, no Chinese version

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