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Recognizing Mainstream Forex Trading Strategies

All trad cashback forexg classifications are completely arbitrary ForexRapidRebate following classification emphasizes the basic concept of trading based on trends The trend-based strategy waits for rebateforexfee changes in the same direction as the position opened In th Forex Rapid Rebate way, we assume rebateforex the trend will keep changing in this direction When trading based on trends, we can never sell near the highest price or buy near the lowest price, because these important price levels So, with this rebateforexbroker, traders always miss the beginning of the price change and miss the important phase of profit taking, knowing that the signal to close the position is received. Many traders try to make money over and over again at any given time, which leads to the selection of systems that follow trends faster and faster. While in some markets fast systems are usually more efficient than slow ones, in most markets the opposite is true, with slow systems reducing trading losses more than they reduce profits. The following are the main strategies of this type: strategies based on moving averages When an up market is replaced by a down market, the price crosses down with the top of the moving average Similarly, when a down market is replaced by an up market, the price crosses up with the bottom of the moving average In most moving In most systems of moving averages, these crossings are considered as trading signals The basic concept under the breakout strategy is very simple: the ability of a market to reach a new high or low indicates a potential trend in the direction of the breakout Counter-Trend Strategy A counter-trend strategy refers to a position established during a counter-trend that is thought to be correcting, waiting for the significant price change it will produce The system tends to attract the attention of Investors attention because they want to buy at the lows or sell at the highs Unfortunately solving this complex task is less attractive to the system There is an important difference to be aware of, a system that follows a trend is self-correcting, while a counter-trend system can lose money indefinitely So including a protective stop loss in a counter-trend system is a must In addition, the system will maintain a long position in The initial advantage of the counter trend strategy is that it offers a different opportunity when using a follow-the-trend system at the same time. Having said that, it must be mentioned that counter trend systems are still preferred, although they often lose a moderate amount of money. The possibility of making more money while taking the same risk with both systems is very high, even if the counter-trend system itself will have a loss of model recognition of price behavior All systems can, in a sense, be classified as model recognition systems Ultimately, getting a signal to follow or reverse a new position is also a price model However, this means that as a trend following system or counter-trend system, the choice of However, this means that as a trend-following or counter-trend system, the choice of model is not first based on the direction of the price trend. Trading in the channel means determining the trend of the trade based on the resistance and support lines, which are the boundaries of the channel. This strategy is very useful for sideways movements, but almost useless for upward and downward movements. Once the price reaches the boundary of the channel and jumps back in the opposite direction, a new long position should be opened immediately if the price reaches the resistance level, a new short position should be opened once the price reaches the opposite boundary. The main disadvantage is the possibility of unpredictable losses once the channel is broken. In order to eliminate the disadvantage, it is necessary to set an appropriate stop loss to close out losses when the market moves against the planned trend.

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