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Launching the XM-5 Satellite

The XM-5 satellite, launched on October 14, is the newest member of the SIRIUS XM family of radio and television services. Based on the SSL-1300S platform, the satellite is designed to provide uninterrupted electrical power. It also features lightweight batteries and high efficiency solar arrays to support the growing demand for renewable energy. In the United States, the satellite will be located in the eastern half of the country.

XM has a wide array of products and services to choose from, including forex trading and CFDs on stock indices, commodities and energies. It is licensed in Belize, Australia and Cyprus. For example, the XM Power Adapter powers XM Radio Receivers and fits in the cigarette lighter of a car.

XM is one of the largest and most successful providers of audio and video entertainment in North America. This includes over 135 channels of commercial-free music, news and sports. XM also specializes in customer experience research, offering a suite of products ranging from surveys to dashboards and guided projects. XM has over five million clients, and their client-first philosophy has helped them achieve a solid reputation in the industry.

One of the most important aspects of an XM transformation is the creation of a dedicated XM team, or program office. Known as the center of excellence, this group has the unique responsibility of defining the overall roadmap of the XM brand and overseeing its execution. A good team should be comprised of expert practitioners in various fields and provide a variety of insights across the organization. These include but are not limited to product and process improvement, employee and customer engagement, as well as the management of a variety of projects, programs and initiatives.

To demonstrate the XM brand"s merits, an executive team should create a multi-year plan that identifies key metrics and measures. Additionally, this should be accompanied by a series of short-term plans to keep the momentum going. Identifying and rewarding successful activities is also important. Finally, the XM -mood should be part of staff meetings and a recurring theme in company newsletters. If possible, use a dedicated XM expert to deliver educational or training events to key staff.

There are many ways to measure and evaluate the efficacy of an XM based effort, but the most important metric is the number of clients and employees it serves. Identifying and celebrating the achievements of the core XM team is a smart move. Furthermore, this team should be encouraged to share and discuss new and innovative ways to better serve their clients. Likewise, it is prudent to provide rewards for XM adoption and to reward a variety of exemplary XM behaviors. Lastly, executives should be cognizant that the transformation is a long-term undertaking. By ensuring that the changes are ingrained into the fabric of the organization, the entire organization will benefit from the experience.

XM"s best bets include the new XM-5 satellite and an impressive suite of products and services. However, to truly deliver the XM experience, organizations must first better understand their customers and stakeholders.

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