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Proper understanding of the trading system

  The importance of the Forex Rapid Rebate rebateforexfee rebateforexbroker rebateforexcreasingly concerned by foreign exchange investors With the development of Chinas foreign exchange ForexRapidRebate, speculative foreign exchange investors from the original blind trading is gradually turning to rational investment, from the passive with the plate to the trading system to guide their own trading In fact, in the foreign exchange market long-term profitable trading system should exist To want to pass the trading system Profit, first of all, you must correctly understand the trading system, while their ability to speculate in foreign exchange must match the trading system ability to use the trading system in two ways: how to spend the systems difficult times; how to give full play to the advantages of the system never think that the trading system with the ability to profit cashback forex guarantee you success in every transaction! Any profit is made up of small losses and large wins, any trading system has weaknesses, losses are inevitable for the trend following system, it does not require the number of profits than the number of losses, it only requires a small stop loss to find large profit opportunities, such a system requires the user to be ready to accept small losses, while for the short term trading system, it is more focused on the pursuit of the number of wins than The number of losses, it is the pursuit of accuracy, so investors in the choice of trading system must be clear which system is suitable for them, do not blindly choose short term trading requires investors to pay close attention to the markets every move, fluctuations is his source of profit, in the transaction can not have any interference; and trend trading is the opposite, it is taboo to carefully stare at the plate, carefully stare at the plate will destroy his overall grasp of the trend, fluctuations is his The source of loss, he only needs to pay attention to the market trend change can be but most of the investors in the market is to use the way carefully stare at the plate in an attempt to obtain trend profits, which led to the performance of the short term and trend are unable to grasp the nature of system trading is to deal with what is happening, rather than dealing with the future will happen, it is based on trading signals to trade, rather than predict the market to trade but there are many in the futures market People are spending too much time to deal with the future will happen, and the situation is happening but do not know what to do this leads to his trading can not be effective he always want to go ahead of the market but ignore the reality of the market, so that his trading in the illusion, the lack of a realistic basis which is contrary to the essence of the trading system correct trading ideas is the prerequisite for the use of trading systems! When the system is in a period of loss, do not easily think that the system needs to be changed or replaced, losses are normal and must be accepted, at this time should tell themselves how to improve the ability to deal with difficulties and patience, while in the systems profit period, do not play smart, think you can use their own trading ability to improve the efficiency of the system, when discipline trumps all! The systems difficult period can improve your trading ability, the systems gain period can test your self-discipline! For the system forex trader to say, the market up or down is no longer important, the important thing is the implementation of trading signals because the systems trading signals often contradict your views on the market, many trading opportunities are in the investors hesitation and indecision missed, which is also the key to using the same trading system whose trading results are very different market either up or down, the system at the critical moment will be issued Trading signals, careful implementation of the trading system can greatly simplify our trading, making trading more simple and effective, which is the fundamental reason why the trading system is so important

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