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Positive pyramid position and thief strategy

Positive pyramid position Forex Rapid Rebate the rebateforexnefits of add rebateforexbrokerg positions ForexRapidRebate: effectively avoid losses thieves in the rebateforexfee look at the escape route and analysis of the maximum possible loss, and finally consider when and where to start the problem based on such a thief ideas, positive pyramid position can cashback forex be arbitrary I think the positive pyramid position should have three basic principles: 1, each time before adding a position Must require (or emphasize) the preceding open positions and add a position single has been profitable to add a position 2, each position should not be larger than the position opened in front of the special requirements (or emphasize) the first open position must be larger than the first position added!  3, in most cases, in a contract, the number of consecutive position increases generally does not exceed 3 times Common pyramid position increase types are: 532, 5311, 541, 5221, 4321, 442, 433, 4222, 43111, 42211, 32211, 32111, 31111, 21111 The above numbers indicate the size of the position for example, 5 indicates 50% of the position If the first single open position has been profitable, you may consider adding positions for the first time on the retracement point, the first position must be smaller than the first open position the same method of adding positions later, remember that you should add the code on the retracement level, and add the code under the condition that all open positions have been fully profitable, but allow the first position to be added after the position is equal to the previous position, but The advantages of opening and adding positions in the positive pyramid are: Effectively avoid losses For example, if a reversal of the market is found after the first position is added, all positions must be liquidated before the middle price position between the first opening price and the first position is added at the latest Because of the positive pyramid, such operations are always profitable. If the market reversal is found after the third position, in the same way, you can first in the second position and the third position before the middle price position of the second and third position all single chopped out, at least these two single will not lose money, you can temporarily retain the first open position and the first position single, so you can continue to observe the development of the market, so that you can continue to reduce or continue to add positions later?  Do risk investment traders should at least have some basic qualities of thieves thieves in the start to see the escape route and analysis of the maximum loss that may be sustained, and finally consider when and where to start the problem based on such a thieves ideas, positive pyramid to increase positions can not be arbitrarily disorderly first open position size should be determined by the opening position, stop loss position and the maximum loss that can be sustained. Never arbitrarily decide to open positions according to the development of the market to choose the position of the opening is like solving the problem of what time and place the thief to start; according to the trend pattern to choose the stop-loss position is like solving the problem of the escape route of the thief; 3% stop-loss strategy is like solving the problem of the maximum loss suffered by the thief with the solution of these three basic problems, the thief wants to be killed by others are difficult ah!  Look at our market, and how many people have the basic qualities and qualities of a thief?  Never stop loss: as if the thief was found not only do not run, in front of the master declared to continue stealing, the results are quite tragic!  The more losses the more positions: the first time the thief was found not to run away, the owner of the property that he was honest only slapped him twice, in memory of his defiance, that the lack of manpower led to the failure of the second time to steal with his wife, the result of his wife was killed he still does not repent, not seriously study the reasons for failure, not the right remedy, not change the strategy to steal the third time to steal with his son, the result His son was also sacrificed he became angry and became quietly stolen to openly robbed, the result is that he also reimbursed the more losses the more positions, essentially in the case of losses inverted pyramid way to increase positions inverted pyramid shows the irrational side of human traders may not be very optimistic about the market at the first opening, the position is relatively small, but the market development unexpectedly, the results of high emotions plus regret in the emotional high into the field. Often forget the first choice of stop-loss points and 3% stop-loss principle of position control once the market is slightly retraced, often resulting in losses, the winning single made a loss single So, I believe that if you encounter this situation, the first position can be seen as an independent opening behavior, and the original opening single isolated independent operation, in accordance with the normal process described earlier, or to find a good stop loss before entering the market point and adhere to the 3% stop-loss principle of position control, which is like a thief in the field before the first look at the escape route and confirm the maximum recognition of loss, and then choose the time to start In addition to the positive pyramid, there is a practical reciprocal position-opening method and the number of each additional position are the same use this method in the position without having to consider the 3% loss problem, thinking and the positive pyramid position, when the additional single When the increase in the position of a single single 1/2 before, should be cleared out, otherwise will face losses In short, risk investment to know a little thief strategy, must first see the escape route and pre-accept the maximum bear losses, in order to ensure a smooth mind and success when the confidence to adhere to the thief strategy will allow us to risk speculation (investment) in the benefit of infinite, this Dao Sheng is convinced that let Wu Jinglians gambling theory to hell It, Dawsons thief theory is more real, more far-reaching

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