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Participants in forex trading

Forex margin trading rebateforexbroker an over-the-counter Forex Rapid Rebate ForexRapidRebateout a centralized cashback forex, rebateforexfee competition among market makers prevents monopolistic pricing If a market maker tries to distort prices significantly, then traders will choose another market maker In addition, the spreads offered by market makers are closely watched to ensure that market makers do not arbitrarily change the cost of a trade In contrast, many stock markets operate in a completely different way; for example, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSF) is the only place where stocks of companies listed on it can be traded A centralized market is operated by so-called professional securities dealers (Specialists), while the term market maker is used for a decentralized market Since the NYSE is a centralized market, stocks traded on the A decentralized market, like the foreign exchange market, has numerous market makers, all of whom are entitled to offer different quotes. For example, if the market is full of sellers but there are no expected buyers, the professional broker will be forced to take the stock from the sellers but will not be able to sell the stock that has fallen due to the sell-off. The foreign exchange market is a decentralized market, with numerous market makers and no single professional securities dealer. The participants in the foreign exchange market are organized according to different hierarchical relationships: those with excellent credit facilities, large trading volume and sophistication can get priority from the market. In the interbank market, the largest daily trading volume, mainly in several currencies (mostly the currencies of the seven major industrial countries), through interbank brokers, or through electronic brokerage systems like EBS (ElectronicBrokeringServices) and Reuters (Reuters), the largest rebateforex can trade directly with each other. The interbank market is an approved credit system, where banks only trade with other banks that have established credit relationships. All banks can see each banks quotes; however, in order to use specific prices, each bank must have a specific credit relationship with another bank. Due to the lack of established credit lines with large banks, many banks (small and emerging market banks), companies and institutional investors do not have access to interbank prices, which encourages small market participants to conduct all foreign exchange transactions through only one bank. In recent years, technological developments have broken down the barriers that used to exist between forex traders and the interbank market. The game that used to be dominated and controlled by the big players is gradually becoming a level playing field where every trader can profit and take advantage of the same opportunities as the big banks Forex trading is no longer a club for the big players and aspiring online forex traders have a chance to make their mark

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