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Old birds teach you how to discipline trading behavior and improve execution!

on improv rebateforexbrokerg forex rebateforexfee execution of some experience from my own trading summary, in order to help underst cashback forex, adding some image metaphor a, operation flow of self-training th Forex Rapid Rebate training and other professional skills training is similar; training the right trading action helps good habits, the details of the treatment in the transaction is important, the execution of trading action can be trained, the Repeatedly reinforcing the correct action, until rebateforex doing the correct action is uncomfortable, restless, terrified!  So what is the training?  a. Stop loss, training stop-loss action, the most important trading action is stop loss, I do not believe in what psychological stop loss and other nonsense, psychological stop loss may become to the stop-loss level began to counter-trend to add positions, and then wait, continue to wait, and then a life; position into the field before the stop-loss single into; stop loss means stop loss; let the action of stop loss deep into the soul, like breathing, like the morning The action of getting up to brush your teeth and wash your face, skilled and spontaneous b. Money management, the consistency of the bet is very important, according to the trading ForexRapidRebate to quantify it; stop-loss amount, the amount of position reduction, the amount of position increase quantification; I personally tend to use the percentage of total funds to do the maximum amount of loss, depending on the size of the account funds; small accounts are difficult to use a small risk control, I personally use a 5% cap; large accounts are 2% cap; as for adding or subtracting positions combined with their own trading system design, everyones trading system is not the same, here will not expand on it c. Enter the field, the system prompts the trading signal must be entered when it appears, decisively pull the trigger! Imagine yourself as a sniper; the enemys head appears in the center of the prospective if you do not shoot with negligence, with the psychological quality of the warrior is the same; on the short term trading opportunities slightly crowded that is gone (EA is another story, here only to talk about the operation of manual traders), see yourself as a market observer, the system is the commander cherish every combat signal, no matter what is ahead, shoot What to do if you cant hit? Throw the gun and run! d. Holding positions,  There are two kinds of holding positions, a good one a bad one; the bad one is called passive holding, inexperienced traders often passive holding positions, stop loss can not afford to close the position, determined to get to the end of the earth and the sea some times will return to the capital, some times will blow up! In any case passive positions are not desirable, the taste of being forced is not pleasant! Another is active position, I have a friend is an excellent trader, now managing 30 customer accounts, each account 20,000 U.S. dollars; his attitude towards life is worthy of our reference, "want to get it yourself, to do things based on initiative"; this attitude also applies to trading e. Leave the field, every transaction There is the end of the time, short lines can not be made into long lines, long lines do not make short or super long lines; the market is like the sea, it does not care whether we are profit or loss, the wind and waves may come at any time the system prompted to leave the field must go, whether it is a normal stop loss or profit taking, because it means the warning before the wind and waves How in the end to practice?  Wait - the system prompts the entry signal to appear - calculate the maximum risk control criteria - fill the stop loss into the field - active position - the system prompts to add or reduce the position (if any) - wait - the system prompts the exit signal to appear - close out the position  Repeat the simple things, make a part of the body  1, demo account    ; I call it a simulation account for hands-on practice, take the time to associate the account inside the real money, every point in the account is the childs milk powder money  consistently do is not easy, so please take the time to associate, set rewards, such as a certain period of time consistently use the simulation account according to the trading system to do the correct trading training after rewarding themselves with a certain piece of always wanted Something intraday short term can be practiced completely with a demo account, because there are enough trading opportunities; but medium and long term practice is difficult to achieve with a demo account 2, replay software data will run faster, waiting time is less; avoid suspicion, lest someone say I am advertising to sell software, the name of the replay software will not say, you cant find under your own Baidu really can come to the East trading The exchange group share download, do not private message me, there is no time to return one by one Two, the establishment of the order checklist 1, whether in line with the trading system tick or fork 2, whether to do the money management tick or fork 3, whether to follow the principle of adding or subtracting positions tick or fork  4, will follow the principle of entry and exit check or cross Western wedding in the priest will ask the bride and groom, no matter flat poor rich, always faithful to him (her) until the end of life? This is a ceremony, commitment means responsibility, what responsibility? No cheating!  Three, regular review  The most meaningful thing in the market is to review, the necessary homework of the technical stream; no matter what kind of system, all need to be amended; If you ask me what is the biggest feeling in the market? I would say that the market is always changing, uncertainty is the permanent characteristics of the market; likewise, the trading system also needs to be corrected, especially the parameters of the correction; a period of time effective parameters another period of time may not be effective, even if the bare K traders need to correct his system how do I know? Personal experience  The more you review the system the more you believe in him, especially after continuous errors, review will re-establish confidence, is the lifeline of implementation

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