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My road to foreign exchange (middle) struggle for 20 years only to drink a cup of coffee with you elegantly in the Bund

Forex Rapid Rebate "my road to rebateforexfee rebateforex", the story about the master across thous rebateforexbrokers of mountains and rivers, the wrong start into the ranks of foreign exchange trading My road to foreign exchange (top): struggle for 20 years, only to drink a cup of coffee with you elegantly in the Bund  ForexRapidRebaten the next "road to foreign exchange In the next "foreign exchange road", we will talk about h cashback forex from foreign exchange white, how step by step feel, how to cross the threshold of foreign exchange trading, through a variety of twists and turns, in foreign exchange trading practice, agent development, large-scale asset management, foreign exchange media and Internet foreign exchange + and business model of a series of exploration his experience represents an atypical foreign exchange youth struggle story To facilitate the fictional story, this article The last time I spoke I started formal forex trading in 2009 from Forres trading purely by chance, as a novice with no concept of the forex market, trying to understand this market is really very difficult at that time the media is far less developed than today, although at that time I had been fighting in the stock market for two or three years, the stock market, financial and technical research is very skilled, the face of forex but I think this is the common feeling of newcomers to foreign exchange At that time, I saw on the financial website that Forrest had engaged in a gold grant activity, I remember that as long as you deposit $10, you can give your account to $100 that year, such a gold grant activity must have moved many investors with the attitude of trying to open an account because there is a gold grant, it is not necessary to After putting in what money deposit, you feel very excited to open the software feels great, but also very dizzy, can not distinguish between the southeast and northwest The first time you use the trading software is not MT4, is not clear that there is this thing good in Forrest for newcomers to the platform is very simple, it was guessing the size to play the same period, a classmate of mine, also and I got hooked on the platform trading he and his daughter-in-law every day after dinner To do forex trading for fun, first two or three hundred dollars to play, there are gains and losses, also considered exciting to take a coin, tossing heads and tails there, so as to bet on the rise and fall, his wife fried addicted, can not stop, before and after the loss of more than 20,000 yuan into every time we talk about this, he was indignant I said, as you enhance the relationship between husband and wife, a little gambling is good for you as everything is in the placid general, the first time with the The first time I used the grant trading, and not smooth about ten days on the loss from $100 to a dozen dollars, but also a little doorway did not feel, really depressed after the initial enthusiasm was doused, my attention was redirected to the stock market, and slowly did not take this account seriously six months later one day, I remembered the account, think about whether to continue to try to gold operation open this account After the account, stunned my account inside into more than three hundred dollars! I was thinking, how is it possible? I obviously only a dozen dollars at the time I pulled up all the historical transaction records, found that the software is automatically trading EURUSD, and is in the same direction to buy and sell the accounts highest record is more than $700, and then automatically trading losses to more than $300 I fully realize that this shows that foreign exchange trading contains an amazing doubling potential compared to my hard work in the stock market I looked up the six-month history of the euro against the dollar at the time, and found that Europe and the United States showed a large one-sided trend, so it can be doubled many times so exciting a chance encounter, so that my account unexpectedly got more than 300 U.S. dollars this time, as Gods help, I used A weeks time that $300 into $600, and then soon into $1200 This is my first close encounter in the foreign exchange market Looking back on that year, the impact of this event can be considered significant!  Time to 2010 and 2011, the stock market fell to a ghostly cry my millions of funds in the stock market on behalf of customers, has been completely ravaged since then, for the stock market, I am considered dead heart of who speculates who loses, around each is a loss, not a loss of thirty to forty percent are embarrassed to go out GEM decimated, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index from 3400 point high fall, the tragic flop to 2000 points. The companys main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. I personally watched the net friend, from 2 million yuan a year time to 10 million assets, every day that earn and we in the stock market every day loss, he was happy there because he was able to do short ah!   I was thinking, the stock market depends on the sky to eat, so down, and then the ability of people can not run the big momentum raging down, is a god in the Chinese stock market also can not earn money is a bunch of guys doing stock index futures, on the basis of the advantage of being able to do short, in and out of this is not right ah, for the long side is too passive! We must shift the focus to foreign exchange! The battlefield is shifting!   So, in the middle of 2011, I made a major decision, all the focus on the study of foreign exchange trading up, from the stock market completely withdrawn  In accordance with the previous five years research stock ideas, and began to buy books, increase the scale of operations, all the energy focus, every day soak foreign exchange forum, look at foreign exchange financial website knowledge intensive bombing type, after a few months, about the currency and The macroscopic stuff is extraordinarily clear a lot of forex technical analysis because there is a stock technology as a solid backing, the research is extraordinarily easy The two years of forex, do not do badly win rate from beginning to end are maintained relatively high, which is also the reason to have confidence to do this these years, research wave theory, Fibonacci, and some of the things of Gann, plus the stock market in some of the master books also read a lot, the technical analysis of this piece are similar, the technical analysis of the stock market, the technical analysis of the stock market, the technical analysis of the stock market, the technical analysis of the stock market, the technical analysis of the stock market. Technical analysis of this piece are connected to the Shanghai Book City is also special Fuzhou Road, Shanghai Book City, the third floor, selling a lot of stocks and foreign exchange books This is a magical place I often go to go more, found some fun things have a few friends doing foreign exchange brokerage business, has been in that place, every weekend to go to the foreign exchange books inside the small ads, cards, to promote the business of opening an account they will Then, every week and month soak in Shanghai Book City, looking for those stockholders friends to open accounts to speculate in foreign exchange  and they came and went, actually became friends they are not very proficient in trading, but told me a lot of how to pull customers, do foreign exchange agents story I realized that the industry to make money, not only by trading, but also by pulling customers to get rich  home to the Internet a research, indeed, ah, do foreign exchange keywords website, through SEO to intercept some platform business Baidu search keywords, there are actually a lot of people doing I remember very clearly, that is the golden age of Baidu SEO, for the Nordic and easy-forex these two platforms, there are a few invisible masters, do a lot of many websites, through a variety of foreign exchange theme optimization and to optimize the exness, resulting in exness The official website is not ranked first in Baidu for a long time, the first one is instead an agent to do the agent to open an account diversion site can be seen, the foreign exchange industry to make money way more interesting!   At least I also learned programming, mixed with the Internet industry for many years, although spare time has been studying stocks and foreign exchange, but my main business, has been in charge of the companys Internet project ah! That will use the Internet play, into the foreign exchange industry I followed the gourd to draw a diagram, found these invisible masters to optimize the foreign exchange platform business website keywords after the door, I also developed a series of foreign exchange website to intercept the platform business Baidu optimization keywords, go to the background every day to see the number of accounts and clicks  most of the time, I did more than a hundred foreign exchange platform business-related websites, the purchase of More than two hundred domain names, and more than a hundred Hong Kong and U.S. hosts every day to write foreign exchange original content, go to major forums to send external links to optimize the ranking of the site remember in the second half of 2012, there was a period of time I wrote original, write more than 30,000 words a day, divided into seventy to eighty original articles on foreign exchange, released to various optimization sites to go up The effect of doing agents through SEO naturally makes people jaw-dropping every day I finally realized that the foreign exchange industry was a gold mine! At the same time, after analyzing so many users of the opening transaction, I also realized early on that most customers are in two or three months out of this market, are losing money out of this market is very cruel Early, I was through these ways, to go to Shanghai bookstore to read books, met in the bookstore to develop customers of the platform business through them, I contacted the brokerage business, after studying the network SEO, found After a series of secrets to do the brokerage business do SEO way to develop customers, I myself on the one hand in the transaction, while also thinking, I was able to pull millions of dollars from the network to speculate in stocks, this way should also be used in foreign exchange So, later I opened a speculative foreign exchange blog at the same time and many analysts of financial blogs are not the same, I will develop their own website, will write their own The content, will lecture I then opened an independent foreign exchange blog, in which to send some of their own trading experience, and then run to the Hutchinson foreign exchange forum and ET Net release promotion at the same time established their own foreign exchange trading group, open YY live room, to everyone shout single in 2011 to 2013 of those years, I basically write trading blog, lecture, shout single, develop customers, incidentally their own trading play this The process, I am fully feel the participants for foreign exchange extreme enthusiasm, as well as this market information is how asymmetric every newcomer, have my year feeling, the face of the foreign exchange market know nothing, bewildered and weak I do not pit customers, I do a little conscience of the network agent, after all, when the level of speculation is still good, the win rate of speculation in foreign exchange is also quite high do Two years later, in the self-managed funds speculation on foreign exchange did not earn money, but in the development of customers earned a lot, a constant stream of daily commission income, like a tidal wave of a few cents, a few blocks, there are also a few thousand a day, the most time there have been 20,000 income a day are money, like a money machine typing, from the top row to the bottom, the transaction statements in the dense records, dizzying Later, Baidu found that the problem of SEO over-optimization, began to a large number of websites across the industry to carry out a large crackdown on my large number of foreign exchange business website was plucked, ranking a stumble, reduced to a representative of the refuse collection point plus the retention of the customer, most of them are tired of withdrawing from the market with losses, a few years down still continue to trade customers, the number is very, very small This also shows that every industry, every field The opportunity is always not much when you find and can grasp, you will have seized the opportunity of wealth if you miss it, there is no At that time, I was thinking, when I came to Shanghai has been dreaming of, the Bund to drink a cup of coffee! Is not closer to this dream! The companys business is a business that has been in the business for a long time, and it is a business that has been in the business for a long time, and it is a business that has been in the business for a long time.  In fact, looking back, the 2011 to 2013 Chinese foreign exchange market, or the prelude to the dawn of the real foreign exchange market explosion, Armageddon, or from 2013 again!  The next issue, my road to foreign exchange, the next release time is after eleven

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