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Moving averages in the foreign exchange market

Mov rebateforexbrokerg averages are important research Forex Rapid Rebate judgment indicators in the capital cashback forex, the number of averages are divided into a single rebateforexfee, double line crossover, triple line crossover, according to the calculation method and can be classified, respectively, simple, weighted and exponential moving averages in the big market performance than other more complex and soph rebateforexticated operating system, and more simple and convenient averaging indicator is the simplest application is, in the closing price In the actual use of the market, if a single moving average is used, it will send more frequent false signals due to the single sampling data. Line pattern accurately grasp the favorable timing of buying and selling and at the same ForexRapidRebate to determine the trend in the combination of moving averages, short-term averages sharply beyond the medium and long term upward running, this is the average of the golden cross obvious buy signal; K line is located above these averages, and in the short-term line side by side, where each moving average shows an uptrend, at this time indicates that the market is still in the uptrend, you can continue to hold positions market rise continued For a period of time, the short-term line from the stagnant state of the high point of the downtrend, indicating that the exchange rate began to soften, this time is the time to sell short-term trend line downward breakthrough in the long-term trend, is the last time to liquidate positions, which we usually see the dead cross pattern in the long and short-term averages and K lines in order from the top to the bottom of the parallel, each line shows a downward state, the average short arrangement is typical of the weak market When the weak market lasts for a period of time, the short-term line from the bottom of the valley began to turn into an uptrend, which is a good time to bottom combination line, the exchange rate continued to fall to the bottom after turning into an uptrend, at this time the order of the average line arrangement non-different medium and long-term lines, their arrangement should also be changed in turn, first of all, short-term risk breakthrough medium-term line, followed by Nagasaki Prefecture at the top; thereafter, the medium-term line breakthrough to the long-term line above, the Breakthrough point for the golden cross, referred to as the golden fork, this point can be confirmed as the market will enter a period of rise, which is called on the long alignment, belonging to the typical rising market Conversely, foreign exchange prices rise to the high price area hovering up and down, then turn down, with the passage of time, the short and medium-term line gradually downward, down breakthrough cross, the point of intersection of medium and long-term lines death cross, referred to as the dead cross, which means the rising market The end, the moving average at this time is called a short alignment in the combination of moving averages in the application, investors can set the average according to their actual operating strategy of the corresponding parameters, without limiting only to a range, you can set multiple parameters of the average for the combination, choose the most suitable for their own operations of the average knowledge base column will be constantly updated about the operation of some of the basics for you to learn to use

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