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MACD indicator calculation method

   rebateforexfee in the application, the first calculated fast moving average (that rebateforexbroker, rebateforex1) Forex Rapid Rebate slow moving average (that is, EMA2), the two cashback forexs, to measure the difference between the two (fast and slow lines) (DIF) basis, and then seek DIF N period of the smoothed moving average DEA (also called MACD, DEM) line to EMA1 parameters for 12 ForexRapidRebate, EMA2 parameters for 26 days, DIF parameters for 9 days as an example to see the MACD calculation process 1, calculate the moving average (EMA) 12 days EMA formula for EMA (12) = the previous day EMA (12) 11/13 + todays closing price 2/13 26 days EMA formula for EMA ( 26) = the previous day EMA (26) 25/27 + todays closing price 2/27 2, calculate the difference (DIF) DIF = todays EMA (12) - todays EMA (26) 3, calculate the DIF of the 9-day EMA according to the difference value of its 9-day EMA, that is, the average value of the difference, is the MACD value in order not to confuse with the original name of the indicator Confusion, this value is also known as DEA or DEM Today DEA (MACD) = previous day DEA 8/10 + todays DIF2/10 calculated DIF and DEA values are positive or negative Theoretically, in a sustained upward trend, the 12-day EMA line above the 26-day EMA line, the positive divergence value (+ DIF) will become larger and larger; conversely, the divergence value in the downward trend may become negative (DIF), will also become larger and larger, and in the market began to improve, the positive and negative divergence value will be reduced indicator MACD is the use of positive and negative divergence value (± DIF) and divergence value of the N-day average (N-day EMA) crossover signal as the basis for buying and selling signals, that is, once again to the crossover principle of fast and slow moving lines to analyze buying and selling signals In addition, MACD indicator in the stock market Software there is an auxiliary indicator BAR bar, the formula is: BAR = 2 (DIF - DEA), we can still use the contraction of the BAR bar to determine the timing of buying and selling DIF and DEA is the main tool to study and judge the MACD calculation method is relatively cumbersome, as these calculated values are currently in the stock market analysis software by In addition, as with other indicators, the MACD indicator also includes daily MACD indicators, weekly MACD indicators, monthly MACD indicators, annual MACD indicators and minute MACD indicators, which are often used for stock market research. The daily MACD indicator and the weekly MACD indicator are different, but the basic calculation method is the same. In practice, the DIF and DEA (MACD) of each point are connected to form two fast (short-term) and slow (long-term) lines moving up and down the zero axis, which is the MACD chart.

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