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K line pagoda indicator on foreign exchange trading is important

one of the important steps in foreign rebateforexbroker trading rebateforexfee the analysis of technical aspects, K Forex Rapid Rebate is a very important trading reference factors, which the rebateforex line also has an important significance for the guidance of the transaction Due to the use of different chart periods, the pagoda line indicators include daily pagoda line indicators, weekly pagoda line indicators, monthly pagoda line indicators and annual pagoda line indicators and minute pagoda line indicators, etc. very A variety of types are often used in the foreign exchange market research and judgment is the daily and weekly pagoda line indicators to the daily pagoda line indicators, for example, the specific drawing method is as follows: 1. When the foreign exchange rate rises, with a white (or red) hollow ForexRapidRebate, and when the exchange rate falls, with a black (or green) solid bar 2. Draw on the chart 3. If the last day the exchange rate is up white bar, and the next day down, the exchange rate has not fallen below the last day white bar body low part of the decline is still with the white bar body, the part of the decline with the black bar body said 4. If the last day the foreign exchange rate is down black bar body, and the next day up, the exchange rate has not risen over the last day black bar body high part of the increase is still with the black bar body, up over the part 5. The future of the daily market drawing method in the following order Pagoda line features and drawing method similar to the point chart, is not a record of each cycle of the exchange rate change process, but in the exchange rate of new highs or lows, only to be recorded, which is different from the K-line drawing method due to the current forex trading technical analysis software on the Pagoda line is automatically generated by the computer, therefore, investors do not need to draw their own, here is mainly through Understanding the calculation process to achieve familiarity with the pagoda line indicator Forex trading data analysis now many trading platforms have been able to achieve a good technical analysis is an important reference factor for investors to trade plans, but definitely not the only factor

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