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Introduction to foreign exchange trading video

Introduction to rebateforexfee Forex Rapid Rebate rebateforex video   Foreign exchange video address: Foreign exchange rebateforexbroker accompanied by international trade, foreign exchange trading is the international settlement of credit cashback forex debt relationships between the tools but, in recent decades, foreign exchange trading not only in the number of In the past decade, foreign exchange ForexRapidRebate have not only grown exponentially, but also undergone significant changes in substance Foreign exchange transactions are not only a tool for international trade, but have become the most important international financial commodity The types of foreign exchange transactions are also increasingly diversified with the changing nature of foreign exchange transactions Foreign exchange transactions can be divided into cash, spot, contract spot, futures, options, forward transactions, etc. Specifically, cash transactions are travelers as well as due to other Various purposes need foreign exchange cash between the buyer and seller, including cash, foreign exchange travelers checks, etc.; spot trading is between the big banks, as well as the big banks on behalf of the big customers of the transaction, after the sale and purchase agreement deal, the latest within two business days to complete the receipt and delivery of funds; contract spot trading is the investor and the financial company to sign a contract to buy and sell foreign exchange, suitable for the public investment; futures trading is according to the agreed Futures trading is according to the agreed time, and according to the exchange rate has been determined to trade, the amount of each contract is fixed; options trading is the future whether to buy or sell a certain currency options and advance trading; forward trading is according to the contract in the agreed date for delivery, the contract can be large or small, delivery period is also more flexible From the number of foreign exchange transactions, by the international trade and foreign exchange transactions accounted for the proportion of the overall foreign exchange transactions continue to Reduced, according to statistics, the current proportion of only about 1% then, it can be said that the mainstream of foreign exchange trading is now investment, is to win in foreign exchange rate fluctuations for the purpose of profit, therefore, spot, contract spot and futures trading in foreign exchange transactions accounted for a larger proportion of

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