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Intensive trading training let our forex trading religion ritualized the path to stable profitability

As far as cashback forex know, at least three ForexRapidRebatedustries borrowed a lot from religion when conducting training, the daily training ritualized, the purpose Forex Rapid Rebate to instill some kind of firm belief in the participants, participants in the week after week of ritualized hardening, subconsciously formed a certain unbreakable belief in the actual action of The three industries are: military, insurance, rebateforexfee marketing. The earliest military was born for religion and sacrifice, and for thousands of years, the military has adhered to the most original ritualization. The fact that those actions and requirements are repeated every day in the military is a way to instill instructions into the subconscious mind of the soldier and to make this instruction a belief, and when needed this ritualization rebateforexbroker be terrifyingly powerful. can still smile and call me to greet me, when I was afraid of such peoples will, she took my tens of thousands of insurance premiums, I was later interested in this group of people, and had a detailed understanding of their training In fact, almost all insurance companies will conduct ritualized will hammering for their brokers, if you are interested, you can check it out, many insurance companies have morning meetings, These brokers are asked to behave themselves in a special way in the daily morning meeting, ritualistically shouting slogans, self-promotion, singing, dancing, passionate speeches, exaggerated performances, and some trainers will make the trainees constantly show their embarrassing side in special occasions, and the whole process is almost ritualistic too, the new brokers are brainwashed week after week, and finally become the kind of insurance salesmen who make people difficult, they are confident of When it comes to brainwashing, no industry can catch up with pyramid schemes. My very good friend, a retired major, once participated in a high-end pyramid scheme in Nanning, Guangxi, with an entry of 210,000, and their daily work, apart from inviting new joiners, was self-learning, which is, frankly, brainwashing. process, sitting, expression, speaking tone, speaking content, speech content are completely patterned, there are a lot of textual cheer to encourage the content needs to be recited, the day constantly required to meet and exchange with the industry, and the exchange process to say words and required actions are patterned, even in the industry to call with a few words a few sentences are prescribed, such a model in the outsiders seem divine, but the resulting The result is a devout faith in the industrys prospects and self-development. Every day after the close of trading, hundreds of thousands of traders sit in front of their computers in remorse and even anger, always wondering why they cant follow the established plan in trading and trade at will. This is a common excuse used by many traders and even so-called experts to explain the large number of non-controlled trades. A very simple example, when you are in a very calm mood, you grab a chair and slam it to the ground, after which you will somehow feel angry and upset. Emotions or mentality, but on the contrary, the reason you did rebateforex comply with the established plan of trading behavior to trigger your emotions, on some days, if you do exactly according to the plan, even if the loss missed a good opportunity to profit you will feel at peace I spend some words to talk about this issue, is to tell you, do not put the responsibility for violating the trading behavior to the so-called mentality or inexplicable I dont know how to define instinct, but I know some ways to train it, which I learned in the army, that is, I mentioned above the role of ritualization, we will use language and physical actions to stimulate and train our behavioral instincts so-called religious ritualization is not to let you spend all day This kind of ritualization may look very childish and ridiculous, but the constant repetition of behavioral actions and language cues will play an unexpected effect, it will exceed your imagination in the military, stand at attention and rest … such as the repetition of drill those simple behaviors seem to be and the essence of the military In the initial acceptance of these training, you will receive instructions after the brain and then transmitted to the body, but after enough time, these instructions simply will not be thought through the brain, but become an instinctive marketing, insurance, those ritualistic training is also the same forex trading is not as complicated as you think, but also not as easy as you think! The key is not how good your skills are, but whether you can repeat and stick to a fixed action for a long time, as well as the ritualistic training. Fix the main technical indicators, fix the main operation of a species to establish their own simple system, stick to this, you will have a more stable system! You will have a deeper understanding of the trend! I especially want to emphasize this fixed major. If you have all the other methods or ideas, please complement the fixed ones! For example, if you use 5 minutes, averages, do Europe and the United States... Stick to the truth of long-term research trends! If you want to use 1 minute. Or KDJ and so are reference aids, everything you fixed as the first standard! Insist on doing this, you will have a more stable system! The trend will also have a deeper understanding! Everything is a game of time! Thats all there is to forex trading after all! And again, we are more concerned about the buzzwords……. Execution: see most of the technology, but not really enlightened people are saying that it is the execution caused by still losing money, in fact, is not exactly right.... Execution I think everyone has, but then why the single plate will appear operation and technical deviation of the single, think about why a lot of apparently no market, you will not do wrong …. From the human behavior, the execution is not the main problem, you can not no reason to the home computer smashed it…, according to the general level of people, about half of the daily plate believe that you will not participate in, because you know, those times no market, most of them are wrong on the false market. In fact, as long as you carefully analyze their own single, I believe most of the details are not clear caused by …. (There are some individual loss cases, is affected by the loss of emotions. Random order. Gambling mentality. This belongs to the individuals mentality and personal cultivation caused by the real deal with the people, this aspect is easy to improve, does not belong to the execution!) ...) Execution in my experience, as long as you solidify the operation. There is a rule that execution is not a problem at all, everyone will execute well … If you lose money, please do not take execution as an excuse … ... Improve the problem of random single, I think the most important point, is to constantly summarize their own single, recall why they were under the single, you will certainly find the reason…... Open a position: open a position point is your rule with the market pairing... Open a position that is not important, is certainly false, there are people who say that there is no homeopathic counter-trend, open a position is not important, the important thing is to open a position after the ability to deal with the single this is even more misleading, is irresponsible to say, no matter how bullish the person saying this technology, I believe he can not be stable win… in fact, everyone should have some basic intelligence, like selling software, accepting apprentices, a year can let you turn How many times, there are still many people believe, no way…... It is really important to open a position after the processing, but in case unfortunately a certain period of time every time is a loss, you deal with again right, your money can withstand how many times the processing? To open a position correctly, I think the first thing is to have the judgment of the potential. Whether the potential is short or more. You must first set the trend…. Do not pursue the best opening point. But to try to do a safe entry level... Everyone can not be a god, but must be serious about each open position…. After opening a position is generally handled by the rules to do, break your rules on the exit…. Seek the next entry position…. Open a position many people think is a point, in fact, is wrong, suddenly point into the field, will make you lose money to find the direction, the point and face of the problem to clear…. Stop loss and profit: these two I generally unified definition is out of the field . Everything is handled according to the rules…. In fact, there is nothing to say about this, stop loss primary can be software fixed number of points to perform, quite a good practice method, mature or according to your rules out of the field, fixed value stop loss has flaws…. You improve your skills, naturally understand what I said… …. Let the profits run: this point I also suffered, but came to find that as long as you can really survive to do the right many times after a good profit, it will become easier! ~The reason for this is because many times, after holding on to one or two correct, profits to the previous stop loss all earned back, then hold a profit single mentality is completely different! …... At this point, I think it still depends on your attitude towards money, do not be afraid to lose, as long as the loss makes sense, boldly let the profits go to the end of your rules, give up a few small profits for the long run, is worth it …... Well, basically what I know, all without reservation to speak out! Doing futures is also about being human. Live well. Have a positive mindset about life, cultivate your body and mind, you will be successful! The only thing I did not say in detail is: my technical details are actually published. I believe that smart people can guess … actually not important . I believe that the stable winning technology is very simple, as long as you carefully summarize, remember not to more, have been persistent, any technology will be successful, because the core of any technical indicators are the same … different forms of expression just add: there is another I think the most important: the desire for speed is not achieved with everyone!

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