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In-depth analysis forex bridging technology

Admittedly, forex rebateforex rebateforexbroker a complex matter, Forex Rapid Rebate the forex market is extremely competitive, and therefore, the optimization of forex cashback forex will effectively enhance the strength of the brokerage work to be good, it is necessary to make the right tools for forex rebateforexfee and traders, the choice of the right tools usually also determines their competitiveness in the market bridging technology the need for the existence of retail forex brokers Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of brokers: DD (with dealer platform) brokers or market makers, which will trade on the opposite side of the customer, with some orders matched in an internal liquidity pool NDD (without dealer platform) brokers or direct market access model (DMA), which are brokers that dump orders directly into the interbank FX market ForexRapidRebate trading platform is designed primarily for DD model brokers, with a large number of Customers and brokers want to be able to connect directly to the interbank foreign exchange market liquidity through MT4 but platforms such as MT4 are mainly software systems launched to brokers, it is not directly connected to the liquidity provider, therefore, foreign exchange brokers must choose other bridging solutions to connect the trading platform and liquidity providers first regardless of MetaQuotes (MetaQuotes) plans to phase out MT4 and forced to push MT5, the MT4 platform is more popular with customers MT5 itself has a bridge function, so the current bridge technology is most often matched with MT4, an MT4 bridge can connect brokers, customers and liquidity providers MT4 bridge is necessary for brokers, but not every broker has the strength to have technical experts or programmers, so most brokers are What can outsourced bridging technology do for brokers? For retail forex brokers, the biggest advantage of a bridging solution is increased customer loyalty and more efficient processing of customer orders oneZero co-founder Andrew Ralich has said: "A broker has 3 main tasks: continuously taking on new customers, maintaining existing customer relationships, and managing internal operations. Within these three main categories, bridging technology continues to bring added value to the brokerage firm. For example, a brokerage firm touting its stable, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week service and market access must be backed by good bridging technology. Ralich said that brokers must ensure that their bridge technology providers fully understand the trading platform MT4 bridge usually requires more than a month of repeated testing and research before it is finally optimized to reduce risk forex trading platforms have different order execution models we most often mentioned is the ECN (electronic communications network) and STP (straight-through-processing) Therefore, according to the different execution models of the platform, MT4 bridging technology can be divided into ECN model and STP model bridging technology does not force brokers to use a particular model more and more customers use algorithmic trading, means more sophisticated, many brokers are no longer willing to take the risk of contrarian trading, and therefore prompted more and more brokers are providing STP and ECN trading model, which is conducive to Smart brokers are constantly evaluating the likelihood of their clients profitability and then deciding on their own trading models. The current liquidity bridge can support different types of operating and execution models for forex brokers, helping to increase profitability through risk avoidance by including low-latency STP, flexible order routing, advanced customer information, extended administrative capabilities, and liquidity management operations, thus significantly Saves brokers time and costs in operations and risk management, especially since some bridging technologies can monitor slippage and trading conditions in real time, maximizing brokers profitability

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