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How to understand the classic trilogy of forex trading strategies

There Forex Rapid Rebate a classic forex trading strategy called 3 rebateforexfee rebateforexs, rebateforexbroker strategy divides the market into three phases: 1-contraction phase, that is, the contraction phase, in short, the market in a narrow range of oscillation; 2-Expansion phase, that is, the expansion phase, in short, the market in the contraction of finishing, after the expansion breakthrough; 3-Trend phase, also called ProfitTaking phase, that is, the trend phase, this phase is our profit phase. After the contraction, the market began to exp ForexRapidRebate breakthrough; 3-Trend cashback forex, also called ProfitTaking stage, that is, the trend stage, this stage is the stage of our profit-making How to understand the three stages of the market from the perspective of price behavior? 1 - contraction stage, like the long and short based on their own logic to open positions, this time there is no big money attention, so the transaction is not active, the position is relatively low, the turnover is relatively low, the range of fluctuations is relatively narrow. The expansion phase is like the slow entry of big money, which breaks the balance, and the big money starts to widen the fluctuation of the oscillation, while continuously absorbing chips and lowering the cost of the position 3-Trend phase is like the phase where big money eats up enough chips and starts to take profits gradually This is the main idea of the three phases of the market, so for traders, you just have to be able to from the market chart to identify which stage the market is in, and then only participate in the third stage of the market can of course, this also involves a specific way of entry, here is a brief introduction first, we need to determine a narrow range of fluctuations based on the 1-contraction stage, and then draw the 50% level of the range as a reference line then enter the 2nd stage, the market began to expand, assuming that the upward expansion This time, retail investors are generally used to do breakthrough, that is, to buy at a higher price, but on the contrary, big money likes to sell at this time and then with the big money selling, prices continue to fall, and then back to the 1-contraction phase of the range, or even continue to fall, when the price is below the contraction range, retail investors often choose to sell at a lower price, while the big money likes to buy at a lower price, the price rebounded back to The basic idea of this trade is that the market fluctuations will return to the initial contraction range, the contraction range is also known as the belief interval, the market fluctuates around this belief interval In fact, to put it bluntly, this so-called belief interval is very similar to the pivot idea of wrap theory, except that the judgment method is much simpler than the pivot of wrap theory. Of course, some people may think that this 3-stage market can only do counter-trend trading strategies, which is not true. This depends on your own thinking, when you understand the basic idea of this strategy, you can have a variety of entry methods, I briefly describe how to use this 3-stage market to do counter-trend trading strategies and market to do countertrend trading strategy and trend-tracking trading strategy so, whenever the price deviates from the belief interval, once there is a reverse price behavior signal, do countertrend trading strategy, because the price tends to return to the belief interval opposite, whenever the price breaks through the belief interval 50% level from one direction to another, do breakthrough follow so this three-stage market countertrend and trend-tracking strategy can both be done

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