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How to set a Trailing Stop Loss

In forex cashback forex, any indicator, data, trading practice rebateforexfee a double-edged sword we should not only see their good points, but also see their shortcomings forex gold MT4 or other trading software in the ForexRapidRebate stop (trailing, trailing stop) the same, he has both advantages and disadvantages moving stop what is? A trailing stop, also known as a trailing stop or a trailing stop, is a stop rebateforexbroker that follows the latest price by a certain number of pips and is triggered only by the movement of the exchange rate in the favorable direction of the position How do I trigger a trailing stop?   rebateforex. moving stop loss necessary conditions for the departure of foreign exchange trading software is open moving stop is sent in their own trading software instructions, and not directly like a stop-loss point even if the software is closed as will be executed 2. set to take effect color changes in the trading order in the stop-loss level is set, right-click on the trading order, refers to the moving stop loss points if set successfully, the stop-loss part will change to yellow (different trading software will 3. moving stop points note Currently, most platforms have two kinds of quotes, one is four decimal quotes, the second is five decimal quotes (such as FXCM, EastJet is five quotes; FXSOL/IFX for four quotes) after the fourth decimal point is a real meaningful quote, but for five quotes platform, this is really Note that (1.23456 if you set a 30-point moving stop, you need to set 300 points, the fifth position is meaningless, but also counted as a number included) Moving stop double-edged sword 1. When EUR/USD rises to 1.2185, the stop loss level will automatically rise to 1.2175 (1.2145 + 30 pips) and the trailing stop will lock in 30 pips of profit. Obstruction Open a long buy position in EUR/USD at 1.2155, set a stop loss at 1.2145, set a trailing stop loss at 30 pips, and set a take profit at 1.2195 (1.2155+40) with a stop loss of 40 pips When EUR/USD rises to 1.2185, the trailing stop loss will move to 1.2175 (1.2145+30 pips), and if the market price If the market price retraces or consolidates and retraces to 1.2170, the moving stop loss will depart with a profit of 20 pips (1.2175-1.2155); but the market is only a finishing process, after which the price goes up to 1.2200, exceeding the original set stop-loss level; at this point the single position has been closed out, originally 40 pips of profit, now only 20 pips of profit In setting the moving stop-loss level, it must be To be well thought out, to prevent the price retracement, stop loss out of the field or impede the take-profit departure

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