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How to make good use of averages in foreign exchange investment

We all know that Forex Rapid Rebate foreign exchange trading if we want to achieve great success, then we must rebateforex sure that the method they use rebateforexfee very suitable for the situation at h ForexRapidRebate, which is also the most basic trading principles if we want to earn more and greater profits, then, first of all, we must know the main points of foreign exchange investment in where? Here we will briefly introduce to you First of all, the use of averages for cashback forex to choose a good analysis of the period, which will be different because of the rebateforexbroker of interception length, forex trading trends and averaging period should be proportional to the relationship between the short term, should take into account both long and short term trends, do not ignore any of the details of the analysis helpful Then there is the question of whether you can catch the big trend, which is in any kind of technical analysis You can catch the trend on the one hand is determined by the characteristics of the technical analysis, on the other hand is determined by their own forex trading strategy and thinking on the averages its disadvantage is that in the oscillating market is not very responsive to the market, so the use of this approach investors in the oscillating market when either consider other auxiliary analysis or simply exit Do not continue to trade in the market to conduct any foreign exchange transactions are required to be cautious of the use of averages should also pay attention to its characteristics, to learn to build on the strengths and avoid the weaknesses of the analysis for our use rather than we are led by their noses Averages are how to determine the double top of the trend is the meaning of the existence of foreign exchange analysis tools averages on the top or bottom of the judgment has a very good role to play we will look at its specific use in the In the process of using averages, will encounter top and bottom judgment problems, but if combined with the trend analysis, everything will be good to do Simply put, the trend is usually along the average line; trend to the head and the average line will be to the head is often not synchronized, here also combined with the speculative trend pattern to determine the general is to create a new high after consolidation, the average line after a period of downward, in the upward extension, to be followed by a rush high, the general is to make a double top after the consolidation, the average line after a period of downward, in the upward extension, to be followed by a rush high. Generally is to do a double top after the trend will change so before the determination of the investor is best not to immediately enter the transaction, to avoid being dragged in by the market thus causing unnecessary losses The formation of this double top is often the beginning of a turnaround, and the magnitude of the decline can be referred to the distance between the double top and the distance from the neckline in the top of the K-line pattern, generally after the emergence of a high point adjustment, the formation of two consecutive or two More than the adjustment K line, suddenly emerged a positive candle, but speculative prices just rushed out another new high after no more upward, in fact, this happens to be a shorting point why? The trend failed to continue, the trend can not continue, most likely to turn the trend can not continue that is the beginning of the trend We in the foreign exchange trading effective analysis at the same time we must also understand the various factors and the impact of a combination of factors, so that you can really get success not to chase see the market immediately into the market to bring you losses, in fact, most of the problems in speculation in foreign exchange can be avoided just to see you In the end there are no such careful

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