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How to grasp the summer foreign exchange market

open the h rebateforexfeetorical chart, we can clearly see that every ForexRapidRebate, cashback forex rebateforex trad rebateforexbrokerg Forex Rapid Rebate always shows the characteristics of the range oscillation even in 2001 to 2004 during the dollar unilateral big bear market, but also basically so every year from June to September this period, is the European and American peoples vacation period, foreign exchange investors tend to travel far, or to the beach, or to the mountains to the beauty of Enjoy the holiday time, Europe and the United States traders are no exception traders in the vacation before, need to adjust their positions, they are accustomed to the practice of selling low-interest currencies, buy high-interest currencies, which is the so-called carry trade, and then they will slip away due to this reason, once the summer, the foreign exchange market trading is relatively light in the light market, the market often does not have a clear direction of operation, the news of Stimulation, less trading volume can push the exchange rate in one direction, the magnitude is often beyond normal expectations, which is usually called overreaction but overreaction quickly corrected, the summer market is erratic precisely because of this, so the summer market poor sustainability, technical false breakthroughs more, adherence to the trend of trading and trading in accordance with technical signals investors will be more disadvantaged carefully summarize the summer market This years summer market has the following characteristics: First, high-interest currencies, the Australian dollar, the U.S. dollar performed well, low-interest currencies, the yen performed poorly, other currencies are basically range-bound, which is the embodiment of the power of carry trade Second, for the range-bound currency, 400 points up or down is a basic amplitude, the pound due to the small value of points, the range of fluctuations is relatively large range-bound The currency also has a common feature, is the existence of a median line in the volatility range of the euros median line at 1.2700 near the top and bottom have 200 points of volatility; the pounds median line at 1.8550 near the top and bottom have 400 points of volatility; the Canadian dollars median line at 1.1270 a line, the bottom has 300 points, the top has 200 points of volatility; the Swiss francs median line at 1.2260 a line The market fluctuation rate is relatively fast, the turn is also fast, accompanied by some false signals, investors are difficult to operate according to historical experience, once the holidays, the foreign exchange market will come out of a wave of unilateral market in response to these characteristics, foreign exchange traders need to be psychologically prepared to develop appropriate countermeasures: First, investors should adhere to the range operation, not Second, look for technical signals, buy high interest rate currency on the low, sell low interest rate currency on the high; again, find a good range, stop-loss instructions to properly enlarge, filter out the stop loss caused by false breakthroughs; finally, once the holidays, speculators in foreign exchange once the trend is found, should promptly close the reverse position, boldly chase in, follow the trend operation

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