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How to grasp foreign exchange trading opportunities

When Forex Rapid Rebate foreign ForexRapidRebate, many speculators do not know how to grasp the foreign exchange trading opportunities, which also has a lot of adverse effects on your foreign exchange trading author for you to fully reveal the foreign exchange trading opportunities how to grasp the foreign exchange rebateforex rebateforexfee composed of a series of trading cashback forexs, completely unrelated two adjacent trading days is not common most of the situation is: the previous trading day market sentiment continues to The next day, until it encounters an external force to make it change, rebateforexbroker then the new market sentiment to the next trading day … … and so on and so forth, constituting the price movement of the rise and fall of which, there are some distinctive features of the trading day, it clearly indicates the current markets true intentions, to grasp these higher chances of winning trading opportunities, to win a lot of help as trading Master James Rogers said: I just wait for a large pile of money in the corner, I walked over, effortlessly pick up the other, I do not do anything to sum up, easy to pick up money opportunities are as follows: 1, strong trend trading day: from the opening to the close of the market are controlled by a unilateral force, the exchange rate to a direction of movement which is a great opportunity to open a position with the trend, while only taking a small risk because the next The value range of the next trading day is usually extended, you can ensure that in enough time to exit with profits and not suffer losses 2, high / low close the balance of the city: the day is the balance of up and down, but the closing high (or low), showing that a party has achieved a hypothetical victory then the next trading day of early trading will usually be conducive to the closing end of this therefore, in line with the closing direction to open a position is a good move 3, breakthrough consolidation area: when maintained for a period of time when the consolidation area is broken, the currency movement will be very fast, very violent This is due to market participants on the value of the view has changed, the long term force is very confident to intervene and lead to this, should promptly follow the breakthrough direction into the market, enjoy the pleasure of sedan 4, breakthrough failure trap: when the exchange rate impact resistance (or support) after failure, it will usually return to the original full force value range, the longer the time period of the impacted reference point, the wider the return range, which is due to the concept of market equilibrium at this time, the need to react quickly and turn the gun to counterattack 5, empty jump gap: the opening phase of the market due to the long term force into the market, the formation of empty jump gap its characteristics is to play the role of support or resistance along the jump direction to open a position also has a high winning rate, however, due to the type of gap ordinary, breakthrough type, relay type, and the high win rate. However, since there are several types of gaps, such as normal, breakout, relay, exhaustion, etc., it is best to distinguish them from the overall environment before taking action. These trading opportunities do not absolutely fail, but are relatively safe and reliable. performance!

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