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How to close a position in online forex trading

Clo rebateforexfeee a position Forex Rapid Rebate a very important part of onl cashback forexe forex trading, today we will talk about how to close a position in online forex  Close a position basic principles include: limit losses; rolling profits This is the basic principle that investors should adhere to in the operation of closing a position This principle requires investors to trade losses, ForexRapidRebate losses have reached a predetermined amount, immediately hedge to close, admit defeat In the process of domestic rebateforexbroker rebateforex investment, the principle of limiting losses and rolling profits should be observed, and attention should also be paid to the risk of overnight positions due to the linkage of domestic and foreign gold markets. The domestic gold futures market is more volatile, and the risk of overnight positions increases, so in the process of investing in domestic gold futures, the principle of limiting losses and rolling profits should be used flexibly  Selection of the timing of closing positions Combining the previous experience of the futures market and the characteristics of gold futures themselves, the selection of the timing of closing positions in gold futures should pay attention to the following points: 1. When the futures price reaches the set stop-loss level, it is necessary to The purpose of setting a stop-loss level is to control the loss within the range you can afford, to keep the green hills in, not afraid of no firewood, close the position at the stop-loss level, you can avoid greater losses, but also is an important performance of the implementation of investment discipline, to ensure that the trading plan is effectively implemented under the premise of the correct decision 2. stop profit target is reached, it is best to close the position on the same day, to reduce the risk of overnight positions This is based on domestic and foreign This is based on the linkage of the domestic and international gold market and the large volatility of Chinas gold futures. 3. When you find that the reason for your position is not valid, you should be determined to close your position investors have their own reasons in the process of building positions, such as building positions because of certain news or building positions according to the logic of their own analysis. First of all, the minimum margin for domestic gold futures contracts is 7%, but since the tenth trading margin before the delivery month is raised to 10%, with the approach of the contract delivery date, the margin ratio of gold futures varies from 10% to 40%; secondly, the rules of gold futures delivery stipulate that Natural customer positions are not allowed to enter the delivery month last, before the closing of the last trading day of the first month before the delivery month, natural customer positions in gold futures contracts should be adjusted to 0 lots, otherwise the exchange will be forced to close these provisions require investors to move their positions between months in a timely manner, open positions to be deployed two months before the delivery month, to capture a good opportunity to try to enter the delivery month in 10 days before closing positions to avoid the risk of market concentration of closing positions 

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