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How should newcomers treat losses

For people who rebateforexfeeeculate cashback forex foreign exchange, Im afraid that stop Forex Rapid Rebate rebateforex a word that people both love rebateforexbroker hate, every piece of advice for beginners in foreign exchange trading will be written must set a stop loss, stop loss as the name implies, to reduce the loss, but also since the word loss, naturally, has occurred loss Stop loss is the most important basic skills for long-term survival in financial speculation, but out of instinctive avoidance of loss, the majority of investors on the stop loss is confusing or even wrong, or in a state of ignorance, the misunderstanding of stop loss is also the most. Most investors have a confused or even wrong understanding of stop loss, or are in a state of ignorance, and have the most misconceptions about stop loss One of the misconceptions: no stop loss Why is it wrong not to stop loss?  As long as the operation will be right and wrong to do the right profit is a matter of course, do wrong and how to do it? The only option after making a mistake in the foreign exchange market is to immediately admit the mistake and correct it, and stop loss is the main means of admitting the mistake and correcting it Any transaction should not be seen as a desperate gamble, but a molecule in the game of probability Stop loss may be a new mistake, just maybe, but not stop loss is definitely a mistake The lesser of two evils, although most people are reluctant to take Although most people do not want to take a definite loss, but given the limited time and money, a small local loss in exchange for the initiative of the whole picture is obviously a wise move Misconception No. 2: indiscriminate stop-loss Most novice speculators, after suffering huge losses due to non-stop-loss, usually learn a lesson and take stop-loss as a strict discipline, thus going to the other extreme and fall into a new misconception: indiscriminate stop-loss The consequences of indiscriminate stop-loss are Obviously, no account can withstand long-term sustained stop-loss face the more stop the thinner the net value of the account, investors tend to go back to the old road of no stop-loss, and repeatedly oscillate between stop-loss and no stop-loss Misconception No. 3: sometimes stop-loss and sometimes no stop-loss After realizing the need for stop-loss, but also tasted the bitter fruit of indiscriminate stop-loss, investors have a dead end to go, that is, sometimes stop-loss and sometimes no Stop loss when the loss is within their acceptable range, such as a loss of 30 points in the case of the choice of stop loss, but once the stop loss is expanded to 100 points will not stop loss This is actually based on the size of the loss to decide whether to stop loss, while the correct approach is based on whether they did wrong to decide whether to stop loss Therefore, for newcomers, non-professional speculators, less mistakes, reduce the frequency, small positions, set a good stop loss. According to the law rather than wishful thinking, in order to slowly grasp the market trend, improve the success rate of trading, and embark on the road to stable profits

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