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How should a novice look at the fundamentals

By underst rebateforexbrokering the relationship between fundamentals and trading, I wonder if investors ask why the data came out, the ForexRapidRebate did rebateforex change how ah? Why th Forex Rapid Rebate data is obviously positive data, but instead caused the price to fall? Such and such questions! Is it true that fundamentals are useless to traders? It can be said that yes, it can also be said that no because there are many traders in the world who rely entirely on technical charts and other analysis methods without the help of any fundamental analysis to maintain long-term profitability, so it can be to these people that the fundamental side of their trading is not helpful. Or just pay attention to the rebateforexfee fundamentals of all kinds of dynamics, including data, speeches, rumors, etc., and then from cashback forex to decide what currency they buy, or sell what currency, etc. This idea of fundamental news as the basis for buying and selling is very terrible, but also extremely difficult to maintain a long-term profit from this, it can be said that this is a failed trading concept for a foreign exchange and gold analyst and trader, especially Trading style for 1 day to 2 weeks or so traders, most of the basic are chart analysts, or purely technical analysis school, although occasionally will pay attention to the dynamics of the fundamentals, but that is only non-conventional behavior, straying from the regular trading process outside the part of the fundamental news is not important, the important thing is how the market understands and view it different understanding will have different results, the degree of impact But then again, fundamentals are still one of the most important factors causing price fluctuations in the market, but why is it not useful for trading? In fact, the usefulness of fundamentals is only reflected in the impact of market capital flows, but also does not fully determine its flow, the most direct is the impact of market expectations on the flow of funds may be the same thing, the market has a different understanding, which will cause the flow of funds is different so many markets and not the Fed rate hike is good for the dollar, this point investors must pay attention to the above, I mentioned a Very critical link market expectations affect the flow of funds, determine the market price fluctuations, which is a very important and most direct factor at the same time, we should also note that there is no meaningful expectations, only the funds invested in the market to reflect the expectations and ideas in the minds of investors, then the market price fluctuations can have an impact, if only expectations, and no flow of funds this link, the market price will not fluctuate. The market price will not fluctuate this point is a bit like, when the stock market is closed at the weekend, a certain listed company announced positive or negative news, but the price will still not change, because this time the market does not have the participation of investors, there is no flow of funds, so there will be no price changes any price changes are the direct result of the flow of funds, there is no flow of funds there will be no price changes so The expectations of a single investor are not enough to influence the market, and the expectations of many investors are not enough to influence the market, what affects the market is the expectations of those investors who put their money into the market and participate in it. Is buying or selling, which side of the power is increasing, which side of the power is declining)

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