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Fundamental analysis the concept of consumer credit balance and its impact

The concept of Forex Rapid Rebate rebateforexbroker bal cashback forexce: consumer credit balance, which rebateforexfeecludes household loans for the purchase of goods and services that will be repaid in two months and more Consumer credit is a product of financial innovation, is a loan for natural persons (illegal persons or organizations) for personal consumption purposes (non-business purposes) opened by commercial banks one after another Consumer credit The impact of the balance of consumer credit: since consumer credit ForexRapidRebates the level of immediate consumption of individual consumers, it increases aggregate social rebateforex by increasing consumer demand, other things being equal; at the same time, the growth of consumer demand leads to an increase in investment demand, thus boosting economic growth Consumer credit affects aggregate social demand in two main ways: first, assuming other factors are constant, the size of consumer credit First, assuming other factors remain unchanged, an increase in the size of consumer credit will lead to a corresponding increase in the size of consumer demand, thus directly driving an increase in aggregate social demand, and second, an increase in consumer demand will further drive investment demand, thus indirectly driving an increase in aggregate social demand Therefore, an increase in the size of consumer credit will directly and indirectly increase social demand, thus driving economic growth But changes in the size of consumer credit, in addition to being influenced by monetary policy In Western countries, it is a common phenomenon to take out loans for consumption, and the number of people who apply to banks for loans for the purchase of major goods, such as houses or cars, or for the purchase of major services, such as university education, can be quite high, thus creating consumer credit balances. The foreign exchange market is concerned with seasonally adjusted over-the-top net credit balances. In general, an increase in consumer credit balances indicates an increase in consumer spending and optimism about the economy, which usually occurs in times of economic expansion, and a decline in credit balances indicates a decrease in consumer spending and may be accompanied by pessimism about future economic activity.

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