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Former Goldman Sachs trader made $100 million shorting gold for $10 million

Accord ForexRapidRebateg to media reports, cashback forexe trader used $10 million to bet on Forex Rapid Rebate falling rebateforex ended up making more than $100 million and a hedge fund firm made 42% for betting on stock market rallies Although the market performance in 2013 was a big d rebateforexfeeappointment to many market experts, these investors made a lot of money because they expected some important market Many of the most profitable investment moves often require going against the mainstream view or being able to boldly predict the impact of government policymakers on stock prices  Chris Tuohy, a senior trader in the London office of TudorInvestmentCorp, a hedge fund with $14 billion in assets under management, is One of the few traders to profit from the sharp drop in gold prices  Sources close to the matter said rebateforexbroker early last year, when many gold strategists were still bullish on gold, Tuohy had already started buying gold puts  By the spring when investors started selling off gold-related investments in a big way, Tuohys profits were also accumulating Sources close to the matter said that Tudors founder Jones ( PaulTudorJones) also bet on golds decline, just not on the same scale as Tausi  Tausi, formerly a trader at Goldman Sachs, had been holding gold puts all summer, and he didnt close out his position until gold had plunged further in recent weeks By the end of 2013 gold had fallen more than 28 percent from the beginning of the year, leaving those who had been worried about the health of the economy to see gold as a safe haven. Investors who saw gold as a safe haven because they were worried about the health of the economy were hit hard  people familiar with the matter said Tausi made more than $100 million for Tudor in 2013 with an original investment of less than $10 million Tausi is known among traders for his use of the so-called primitive man diet (a diet that emphasizes that a primitive mans diet consisted in part of meat, vegetables and other foods), according to hedge According to the fund trader, his bonus could exceed $10 million in accordance with industry practice  William Kaye, vice chairman and vice president of PacificAllianceGroup and a former member of Goldman Sachs mergers and acquisitions division, noted that what we can see is that the SPDR gold ETF has lost 41% of its physical, while the iShares silver The mainstream media is playing up the bearish atmosphere, but it is clear that this (declining gold ETF positions, but stable silver) is not a characteristic of a bear market  While the Western media is still playing up the futility of gold, China is gobbling up all physical gold and will not hesitate to strike if prices fall further Indias gold demand has also become incalculable due to rampant smuggling, but It is also definitely not negligible  Kaye also revealed that the Indian governments approach to restricting gold imports is very short-sighted and unsustainable According to our reliable sources, Indias annual gold inflow could be very close to 1,200 tons (data shows Chinas 2013 gold imports at 2,200 tons, which is about the same as proposing global production outside of China)  If you stack Chinas and Indias (including smuggling) gold demand including smuggling) gold demand stacked up, it would be a very shocking number not to mention that there are also Russia, Brazil, Turkey gold demand big countries  Kaye again, I have always stressed that this big drop in gold is organized and premeditated but after 41% of the SPDR physical gold flow to Asia, the options behind the scenes have been very limited I predict that the gold price will be in January 2014 By that time, wavering market participants will have missed the boat, as gold and silver prices will probably rise so quickly that many investors will be caught off guard

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