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Forex vs futures which one should you choose

Stock rebateforexfee Forex Rapid Rebate is a very risky transaction after the 2008 f cashback forexancial crisis, many people began to turn their attention to other areas of investment, such as foreign rebateforex, ForexRapidRebate However, before you start trading foreign exchange rebateforexbroker futures trading, you must have enough understanding of the different markets in order to choose the most suitable for your trading style of the market foreign exchange foreign exchange is the worlds largest financial market, the daily trading volume of 5.3 It includes all the currencies traded in the world foreign exchange market does not have a central exchange, all transactions are conducted over-the-counter foreign exchange market is in operation 7 days a week when a country is located in the time zone trading ends, the other side of the world may only open the market for example, Sydney, Australia in the United States Eastern Time (EST) 5:00 p.m. opening time, Tokyo, Japan in the EST 7:00 p.m. opening time For example, Sydney, Australia opens at 5:00 pm EST, Tokyo, Japan opens at 7:00 pm EST, London, UK opens at 3:00 am EST, New York, USA opens at 8:00 am EST and the New York market closes back-to-back with Sydneys opening time. There are no minimum commissions for forex trading and traders usually only pay the spreads currently most brokers offer fairly low spreads due to the competitive market futures contracts are a type of financial contract where the buyer and seller agree to deliver a commodity at a certain time in the future. The seller must sell the commodity at the agreed price and the delivery date can be a week, a month, a quarter or even a year, and traders in the futures market can also trade in both directions. Unlike foreign exchange, futures trading must be conducted on an exchange with the largest volume of futures contracts traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) In addition, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and the European Futures Exchange (Eurex) are also exchanges with considerable trading volume The delivery price of futures trading is not determinable Futures trading is usually not conducted immediately, so It is difficult for traders to know exactly how much they will be able to buy or sell commodities Futures trading requires not only the payment of spreads, but also commission fees, clearing and exchange fees, etc. These fees can quickly accumulate and eventually consume a traders profits Conclusion If you want to make trading easier, then choose Forex over futures The high liquidity of the Forex market and its openness to retail traders can provide a The high liquidity and openness of the forex market to retail traders provides a great investment environment, while the high risk nature of the futures market, with its relatively small percentage of retail traders, makes it more suitable for investors with some trading experience.

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