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Forex veteran advice under 2 years of foreign exchange novice better not do short term trading!

Why I do rebateforex recommend traders to trade frequent cashback forex ForexRapidRebate, there are so many reasons: 1. Most traders lack a stable core of profitability, do not underst rebateforexfee the market structure in fact short term rebateforexbroker Forex Rapid Rebate the most complex, to have a clear grasp of the market short-term structure, and have a completely different several trading strategies and money management methods the vast majority of a single short term strategy fails because of a complete lack of consideration in different Frequent short term trading causes excessive psychological burden Good mental and physical energy is very important for trading Many correct decisions come from a good mood Many continuous mistakes happen when you are in a low mood For most people, the psychological comfort level increased by profits is the psychological comfort level reduced by losses That is, if you can achieve 2 gains and 1 loss, then the psychological level is neither happy nor lost, and to be happy you must have a success rate of more than 70% with an overall profit. In such a high psychological pressure situation it is a very serious test to be able to keep the discipline of trading, not to mention that most frequent trading moments you do not have enough physical strength and energy if the position increases to 500 standard lots it will be very difficult to be calm and keep your sanity. What about 50? What about 500? How many years can you go down this road? The actual fact is that youll be able to get a lot more than just a couple of years to get a lot more than just a couple of years.  3. Frequent short term destroys health Why is it recommended that short term forex traders find ways to trade with the help of EA, one of the two is to exclude psychological pressure on the trading disruption one is to free peoples energy forex academy > forex smart trading programming > /fxschool/ autotrading/ health is the first wealth, there is a saying circulating in the trading market, as long as you live long hen to phoenix this live long one is the money to live long, the other is the person Summary: short term is feasible, pay attention to 1. not suitable for new to trading 2 years below the trader 2. not suitable for excessive frequent trading 3. depending on the nature of the market there are multiple sets of strategies to convert 4. can use EA alternative on Substitute hope that everyone healthy and healthy trading to old age! In addition, I do not advocate the short term, refers to frequent short term trading as well as a single strategy, while opposed to the market inexperienced traders to participate, and this kind of trading to the trading in and later will be very unfavorable, facing a major psychological and disciplinary test perhaps some people want to say, short term trading has the advantage of not worrying about holding positions overnight, my understanding is that, although there is no psychological burden of holding positions overnight, but There will be too large positions for frequent losses or floating fear, and will become extremely greedy, the psychological corrosion is great while the medium and long term trading in the transaction before the loss has been calculated, can bear before the order, and vice versa and will not trade, increase the position is also a loss calculation, so there is nothing called overnight every other week every other month psychological burden, and even do not often observe the plate as for the long term trading The loss of money lost time is not based on the medium in the high leverage and will not take up much margin, there is ample opportunity to observe multiple species for a variety of transactions, you can even look at a medium now open an account to play the necessary margin to do transactions As for the long term profitability is not as high as the short term is more ridiculous, I can tell you clearly, when the funds in the 20,000 above the short term is basically the same as the medium-term profitability As for more than 100,000 U.S. dollars in the line of 1 year 10 times are very normal and to 1 million U.S. dollars can still 1 year 10 times in order to long-term development, the more you can trade the closer to success, while the short term resistance in 1000 people in accordance with the line of trade can appear at least 300 successful people and short term 1 are difficult to see of course, if your goal is 100,000 U.S. dollars or less, then you engage in what are It does not even matter what you engage in the foreign exchange market investment, focus on taking a few stocks on the good In the traders I have seen, from my entry into the foreign exchange market 10 years among the trading short term survival to the present people, I have not seen in places other than hedge funds and medium-term success, from nothing to comfortable profit, there are many, very many I have not seen not no, I just stress again, Bolt only One, and weightlifting as long as the willingness to suffer will be a lot of people on the top for trading, is actually short, medium and long term are like a battle, including large battles, guerrilla warfare, fighting, wrestling, etc. But why I put so much emphasis on medium-term trading, is entirely for the sake of new traders, because medium-term trading is actually the optimal rate of success can be fought, but also very easy to develop good habits, to avoid a series of I am not against short-term trading, I do it myself and often do it, but the problem is that it is like a game, when you do not know anything, try to start with a simple framework (not oscillation, but market movement patterns), first gradually understand the market, and then according to the specific market fluctuations to develop tactical arrangements, then your tactics include short, medium and long, etc. So, for traders who do not yet have the ability to profit I do not recommend frequent short term trading for traders who are not yet profitable

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