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Forex Trading Tips News Trading Method 1 - The Importance of News in the Forex Market

When you are trad cashback forexg, just knowing technical analys Forex Rapid Rebate is not enough to know exactly what factors are driving rebateforexbroker fluctuations is equally important behind trend lines, double tops, head rebateforex shoulders patterns, there are fundamental factors driving the force of ForexRapidRebate force we call rebateforexfee! To understand the importance of news, lets imagine a scenario (of course, this scenario is completely fictional) where, for example, one of the worlds largest software companies declares bankruptcy, and you are holding shares in this company. Do you anticipate a change in this company? How do you feel about the changes in this company and the attitude of others? Obviously, your first reaction would be to immediately sell the companys stock. In fact, this is what almost everyone would do upon hearing the news. Lets go back to the example above. Suppose you still hear about the bankruptcy of a major software company, but the report you hear actually appears the day before the news is announced. Unfortunately, this trick is called insider trading, and it can also lead you to jail Martha Stu has done insider trading before, and on the cover of her magazine, thats where we see this nice picture In the stock market, its illegal to know the news before everyone else, and in the forex market, its called fair game! The sooner you hear or see the news, the better it is for your trading and, you dont have to worry at all about being punished by the regulators Advances in instant messaging technology allow you to have the latest and most up-to-date news at your fingertips For retail Forex traders, this is a very big deal, because it allows all participants in the Forex market to react quickly and on a level playing field Large institutional traders, small traders, veterans of forex trading, or rookies just starting out all rely on the same news to determine market movements because, without any news, the market would not move at all! News is very important to the forex market because it is the news that drives the volatility of the forex market excluding technical trends, news is like the fuel that drives the forex market forward!

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